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ebusiness and network effects

My post on “users as nodes” inspired me to convert my paper on in to a web viewable version. It’s no mean feat going from microsoft word to the web I would like to summarize this into a white paper at some point, its a rather academic piece right now, better than nothing though, I [...]

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users as nodes

I proposed in the past (in a MBA paper) that one of the only sources of sustainable competitive advantage in e-business was to leverage network effects (see Reeds Law, the power of group forming networks). And I just found a fascinating reference (Songs of Experience: Everyone’s a User) to the idea that a common feature [...]

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Legitimacy of emerging disciplines

Associating experience design or user experience with competitive advantage is an attempt to try and increase this young disciplines standing in business. It is also driven by a belief that business is changing and that companies that understand the broader experience a customer has with them will drive financial performance. Companies that are able to [...]

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experience and expectation

I don’t believe that Experience Design or competing in the experience economy is necessarily about providing the best experience. I find that in the Experience Economy (Pine and Gilmore) they focus too much on the theater and glamour of an experience and not so much on the satisfaction of a need or, the delivery of [...]

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My dissertation proposal

Title: Competing on experience Possible Questions: How do company’s achieve competitive advantage using experience design? What are the aspects of customer experience that lead to competitive advantage? How do companies understand/analyze the competitive landscape in the experience economy? Description: Is there a framework for analyzing a company’s delivery of a user experience? Much has been [...]

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welcome to the internet my friend, how can I help you

I’m currently working on a final dissertation for an MBA in design management, my topic being how user/customer experience effects the way companies need to look at the competitive landscape. The idea being to look at contemporary theory like experiential marketing (bernde schmitt), experience economy (pine & gilmore) and then look at some more well [...]

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