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dissertation done

I’m relieved to say that my dissertation is done, it was an arduous experience creating it but extremely valuable. I learned a great deal through the creation of this paper especially about motivation it turned out to be about 19,000 words, 80 pages, 89 cross-referenced academic sources. I will post a summary but I can’t [...]

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data as little points of reality

More on the subject of what business we’re in anyway, shuffling information around I for one think there is an indelible link between what generally falls in the IT realm of CRM and KM, and what Experience Design is about. I had participated in a conversation about what information was on beth mazurs idblog and [...]

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data != information

“For every complex problem there is a simple solution… that is wrong” (George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950; Irish Playwright and critic) In the case of IT there are some increasingly complex solutions that are wrong as well. In the instance of CRM, it has grown to levels currently where it is estimated that companies are investing [...]

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web behaving badly

When we are interacting with a person who works for an organization and they let us down by behaving badly in some way, we can sometimes forgive them (depending on how our empathy meter is doing). We tend to think; everyone has bad days, they’re just doing there job, I wouldn’t want to do that [...]

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my stock is rising

Who knew my blog was even being traded? my blogs stock. Aparantly my stock shot up to $2,970.32 (I’m not sure if that’s good or not). It certainly cheered me up today, my dissertation is getting me down at this stage, 18 days and 15,000 words to go, I’m vacillating between despair and elation at [...]

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CEO designer needed

Here’s a great example of the higher level goals that Experience Design could contribute to or help operationalize: Two wonderful quotes from an interesting article from McKinsey Quarterly called “The Value in Organization” “CEOs must now be more architect than general: the job is to design working environments where thousands of people know what to [...]

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