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brand America

Some people may not have thought of their country as a brand before, but when you think about it every country has a brand identity. This can take the form of identity elements like flags, costumes, uniforms etc. and products like food and drink, sports and so on. What does France mean to you, food, [...]

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more CRM stuff

I think CRM is interesting to me because it provides a rich source of examples of misplaced technology investment. No doubt it can be a useful tool but unless you have aligned your business goals with your customers needs your CRM system will let you down. “In a Bain & Co. study, 20 percent of [...]

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eating the ad industry

Well I do love the title of this article; Branding: The Concept That Ate the Ad Industry. But what this article is saying is that you cannot just build a brand through communication, it must have substance, and coherence across communication channels. For positive branding to occur, a company must consider every way it touches [...]

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Howard Dean, a wireless, blogging, meet-up, p2p kind of guy. Some people refer to this kind of stuff as viral marketing, but I believe it’s more about co-creating value. It’s an organic guerrilla CRM system that is self sustaining.

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multi channel customer experience

manageing the customer/user experience on the web is a very complex problem. The complexity comes from the numerous groups of customers at different lifecycle stages with diverse needs and wants and a group of internal stakeholders with conflicting requirements. This problem becomes even more complex when you are a large enterprise, with multiple web sites [...]

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