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social software: could xml make it irrelevant

Social software, like ryze, linkdin, friendster and the like, have proliferated because they are based on a fundamentally good idea, linking people; and they leverage what the internet is good at, linking things. The trouble is, the internet is so good at linking things that these organizations are going to get undermined by the internet [...]

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I’m currently writing an article for the Design Management Journal, so my blog is getting cobwebs. Needless to say I’m very excited to contribute to the DMI, as it is an organization that consistently elevates the visibility and stature of design in organizations. Design is not a pseudonym for styling (thanks Harvey Earl), and it [...]

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This is pretty cool, RSSJobs enables me to create search agents for major job sites that i can subscribe to in my rss reader, WOW. I’m even rendering one of my monster queries to my front page via PEAR RSS/XML tool. I guess this is why Steve Gilmore of eWeek calls RSS one of the [...]

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travelocity rips off Amelie

“Travelocity hopes the campaign, featuring a stolen gnome that travels the world, will help it hold onto its No. 2 spot behind Expedia as No. 3 Orbitz breathes down its neck.” Between the top three travel sites there is nothing that differentiates them really, they offer the same features, functionality, same tabbed navigation for essentially [...]

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