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I usually keep this blog more topical, so we interrupt our normal programming for a message from our sponsor. I’m moving to Dallas. In the last couple of months I’ve been doing some contracting for a technology company, Digital Architects and I’ve now been offered a full time role. My role is going to be [...]

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google will eat yahoo’s lunch

a gig of space but is hardly an insurmountable advantage, if it costs google $10 a year to provide that storage then whats to stop yahoo adding a gig of space (apart from institutional and investor resistance). The reason that google will eat yahoo’s lunch is because it has looked at how people use email [...]

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how much did that insight cost

The Power Of Design a business week cover story highlights some of the value that comes from a focus on customer experience. Comments on some of IDEO’s insights from observational research falls rather flat for me. I mean commedians have for many years been making observations about the ludicrus customer experience that we get from [...]

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Burger King says Web chicken won’t go mainstream… that is to say, more mainstream than a news article on Many of us that spend too long on the internet participating in the navel gazing that can be blogging and email listservs have heard about the subservient chicken. As it turns out it was an [...]

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