Monthly Archives: July 2004

amazons plog

amazon is continuing to build its value network and finding more and more ways to leverage the intellectual capital of its customers. Now its the Plog, the personalized blog, I’m not totally clear on the model yet but it seems that they are aggregating blogs, the only thing that they seem to have in common [...]

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retail experience

Kudo’s to Jesse James Garrett for a nice summation/critique of Experience Design in a real world environment, namely the new apple retail store in San Francisco. I really appreciated the point that the use of design in expressing the brand set an expectation, that was let down sometimes by the human element. It is almost [...]

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ux deliverables

I’ve been trying to come up with a list of UX deliverables, I’m trying to mesh UX with an existing development process and use them to help reduce development costs, training costs and actually start the development process with features that make sense, ie. users want them and they are well understood before we start [...]

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