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yahoo redesigns using CSS

yahoo beta with css, interestingly they didn’t have a beta page for safari, but they did for firefox on the mac. That’s a pretty significant endorsement of firefox. Courtesy of: design PRINCIPLES – an resource

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cat getting decapitated

I was rather surprised to find that my web site gets 8th place on google for the search term “cat getting decapitated”, which is rather strange because I think that’s only been mentioned once in passing regarding underground marketing campaigns. Anyway, just in case the cat fanciers that have been finding my site have been [...]

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blogging problems

I recently upgraded to movabletype 3.0 and everything seemed to go quite smoothly, but as it turns out commenting was totally broken, so apologies to anyone who has been trying to comment. MT seems to have an amazing ability to look like its working fine when lots of little things are broken in the back-end. [...]

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work centered design

It’s bugged me for a while that most of the User Experience/Experience Design activity seemed to be around the “consumer experience”, even more specifically the consumer experience with web sites. I think really think the next phase of work around User Experience has to be more related to the work experience. This is especially apparent [...]

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email information architecture

Dan Brown’s nice article regarding the information architecture of email. I pulled out this little quote because I so wholeheartedly agree, making a decision as to where every email I get should live is a lot of brain power. i just about have time to read my emails that are generally making me think about [...]

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trust – the foundation of loyalty

A nice article from about moving customers through the customer life-cycle: Trust Tools for Tough Times.

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what your visitors see

The Poynter institutes Eyetrack III – Homepage makes for some interesting reading. Basically they have tracked and mapped the eye movements of people viewing particular web pages, giving some valuable information about how people interact with various designs. In some ways it’s rather like Paco Underhill’s ethnographic techniques of following people through shops and documenting [...]

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what business is AT&T in

I’ve loathed the AT&T “and” commercial from the moment I saw it, i don’t know what advertising flunky thought “and” is the word that they should try and associate with their products and services, like BMW is to driving, like volvo is to safety, like AT&T is to “and”, or more ironically like AT&T is [...]

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learning from the best – log in screens

Amazon continues to set a standard that I think more organizations should try and learn from, especially for such universal activities such as “log in”. We could all save a lot of time and resources that could be used for the higher value functionality if we took more time to look around us to see [...]

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