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Key Role: SVP of Cross-Channel Customer Experience (or Equivalent)

Nice article from Patricia Seybold, describes a job I want “How do you make it easy for customers to do business with you? One of the critical success factors we‚Äôve found in assessing companies‚Äô customercentric competencies is the presence or absence of a senior executive who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the end-to-end [...]

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Keynote Study Shows Dell and Amazon Deliver Best Online Customer Experience

I think this quote is a rather good one: “We’ve seen companies significantly improve their brand reputation through a positive online experience; a great Web site can be as impactful as a 20-minute infomercial,” said Dr. Brown, an expert in social psychology and consumer interaction with the Web. “It’s surprising how poorly some venerable brands [...]

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consumers researching online led to 70% more spending offline than online

This is a good example of why companies need to understand how different “mediums” or “touchpoints” impact different stages of the customer lifecycle. This study indicates that the customer lifecycle stages influenced by web sites are the “learn” and “compare” stages. – Daily News for Wednesday, October 6, 2004 “A survey of 3,000 adults [...]

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experience design – the first 1,000 dead

I remember learning about the choices regarding the information design of the Vietnam memorial a long time ago. The major factor that makes it stands out as a memorial (apart from the black marble) is the organizational principle they used for the plethora of names. Rather than organizing the names in alphabetical order, that would [...]

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TiddlyWiki – the one page, client side wiki

this kind of thing makes me smile. Basically this is a wiki that is contained in one page of html, view source, copy into a text page and upload it onto your own server and you are now hosting the tiddlyWiki. Here’s my tiddlywiki… said the actress to the bishop TiddlyWiki – a reusable non-linear [...]

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shocktober web sites

Here are a couple of web sites to get you into the october spirit, and apart from that you can also revel in there fantastic design chops. – Shaun Inman of the Dead Jason Santa Maria

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wordpress migration from movabletype

so far I have managed to migrate my entire experiencecurve blog over to wordpress, that includes all the entries, categories, comments and archives. I’ve even got a redirection script built into every individual archive so all permalinks still work as expected, and send the appropriate 301 code to any search engines to let them know [...]

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be patient as I move over to wordPress

movable type migration in progress

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moving to wordpress this weekend

I’m done fighting with movableType, I’m done with rebuilding my site to see changes, I’m done with my xhtml getting broken. I just read a post on designbyfire – a funny thing happened on the way to using web standards and i decided the project this weekend is to make the switch to wordPress. I’ve [...]

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