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design awards that mean business

Finally a design competition that will not reward the most beautiful commercial failures It is a great move for frog as well to align itself with this kind of competition because in the end people will hire them to make the most profitable products/experiences. Inside frog: News & Press: Awards

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Yahoo! Launches Consumer Electronics Brand. Why?

It doesn’t take much to figure out that slapping your name on some badly designed consumer electronics is not a long term strategy. I havn’t seen these products up close, but they all look pretty cheap and awfull, and my guess is that they will look even worse once they’ve been in your house for [...]

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Sharing your images on Amazon

Amazon is a business that continues to re-imagine itself as a value network that includes its customers as participants in the value creation process as opposed to being passive consumers. Not satisfied with you just reviewing products, amazon is now employing their customers as product photographers and product placement specialists General Customer Image Guidelines

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killing comment spam

I had reached the end of my teather with comment spam, it was a deluge, and although it wasn’t showing up because I had moderation turned on, I was getting hundreds of emails a day telling me that spam was awaiting my moderation. It’s not like I have a tonne of comment activity, but as [...]

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