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Yahoo Agrees to Buy Flickr Photo Service

Flickr, for me, has certainly been one of the most significant web based tools in the last couple of years. It seems yahoo recognizes the value in flickr’s bottom up approach to functionality and use. When yahoo says things like ” and there are a lot of other areas around Yahoo that will also be [...]

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Apple’s Blueprint for Genius

At a time when rivals are outsourcing as much design as possible to cut costs… But design is almost always outsourced? Not to save money but because companies don’t tend to think of themselves as the “creatives.” Wasn’t the Audi TT an outsourced design? Didn’t the same guy also do the new beetle? No one [...]

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Thoughtful writings on branding

Haig Bedrossian, the creative director behind has started a new blog on the topic of branding, a brand design forum if you will. It is an example of topical blog that focuses on discipline and critique, that makes it a valuable read. A somewhat tangetial topic is whether we should even be calling these [...]

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Slashdot | Emily Dickinson – The Game

Three game designers are challenged to create a game related to Emily Dickenson. A game, one would assume, that would contribute more to someone’s life than having succeeded in achieving some arbitrary goal. Educational video games have a lot of potential to enrich our lives, but they need to create an experience that’s compelling. Slashdot [...]

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The Empathy Economy

I’ve often referred to Experience Design as Empathic Design, all the contextual and observational research is about helping designers “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Google exhibits empathy in their designs when they draw their maps from the middle outwards. Empathy helps companies understand and anticipate consumers needs. “You can’t Six Sigma your way [...]

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