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The hidden value in Netflix

I just noticed this little snippit on the Netflix site today: Now Netflix has 2.3 Million subscribers, so with each subscriber having rated an average of 150 movies that is 345 Million movie ratings. Now those ratings are valuable to three key stakeholders, Netflix, potential customers, and current customers. Netflix gains a valuable resource that [...]

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It’s baaaack – the gold box from amazon, new and more relevant

Amazon, one of the leaders in innovating the customer experience has, redesigned one of its few failures, the gold box. You may remember a combination of bizarre recommendations, “you only have 60 minutes to decide” and “pass forever” . Well I kept trying it and it continued to be totally irrelevant, which was surprising considering [...]

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Friday fun – a little animated short

I tend to try and keep on topic, but here’s a little distraction that had me laughing out loud. The quality of this little short is brilliant, and the animation style wonderfully quirky. le-building Spotted: Screenhead

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The real case for feedburner

I was IM’ing with a friend of mine recently, who can be a bit skeptical of things, maybe because I tend to be a bit of an evangelist who likes to foist my opinion on people… anyway, I was talking up feedburner, and was talking about how cool it was, and was getting a “yeah, [...]

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As more and more people use modern ‘standards’ based browswers the more and more opportunities are coming about for building very rich web applications as opposed to web pages. Now has released some object oriented javascript libraries to help with all the very cool things that you can do with javascript, including true drag [...]

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adaptive path essay – how i learned to stop worrying and relinquish control

An excelent article from the venrable Peter Merholz on the topic of designs and companies that benefit by relinquishing control to users – adaptive path ��? how i learned to stop worrying and relinquish control. Relinquishing control and putting the tools in place for your customers to be “creative” is the pinnacle of the customer [...]

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Nokia and

Nokia is developing a mobile version of, a folksonomy driven event directory, and as with any good user centered design project they are looking for feedback from current users. Now, with quite a significant presence in the Dallas area, Nokia might provide a shot in the arm to the Dallas section of wich [...]

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Technically interesting….? yes, but it may produce a more coherent “folksonomy” by making suggestions as people are typing a tag to describe the link they are posting. BTW is a social bookmark management tool that has pioneered many of the techniques used by, and other social software plays. Also one of the [...]

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One of my new favorite companies

I just recently came across the OMC Group, a UK group that positions itself as a customer innovation research and consulting company. I find myself nodding my head a lot as I read through their content and really enjoyed their “20 fundamental CRM and Marketing Lessons“, here’s a couple that I wanted to highlight: 4. [...]

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Good Enough – Customer Experience

Another insightful little snippet, or meme, from Seth Godin on the topic of good enough. The idea being that just because something better enters the marketplace doesn’t mean it’s going to dominate, because there may be something already there thats “good enough”. Seth’s example is the philips head screw, a better screw might get designed [...]

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