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The experience of moving and saying no to Uhaul

alternative to uhaul Originally uploaded by mrkook. Last time I moved Uhaul screwed me so badly that I will go to any lengths not to use that company. Their sin was to allow me to “reserve” a truck online for the day of my move from a specific location, only to show up at the [...]

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Han Solo Delivers for Amazon

Holy shit, how cool is that, Amazon is celebrating their 10 year anniversary by having some celebs do some of their deliveries. The shot below includes Harrison Ford delivering the Star Wars trilogy to some lucky person. Unfortunatly for geeks like me, i’ve had that trilogy, in all its forms since they came out, so [...]

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Please Cingular, let me buy some data services – Part 1

I’m the proud owner of a new phone from Nokia, a 6682, the upshot being it’s got a 1.2 megapixel camera, that when combined flickr’s super cool ‘post via email feature‘ I could really be getting into some hefty data transfer on my cell phone service. Which leads me to the task of shopping for [...]

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I should be embarrassed to have had as long and unsuccessful experience with online dating as I have had, but I’m not, it’s just another channel to meet people and it seems every channel is as mundane as the next right now, or maybe I’m just getting jaded. Anyway, what has this got to do [...]

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