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INDEX: The world arena for future design and innovation

It may be over but the artifacts, interviews and videos captured during this summit make for some interesting exploration for anyone interested in design, strategy, and business. INDEX: Views Summit gathers some of the world’s leading creative thinkers together with young designers, researchers, politicians, government representatives and business leaders in Copenhagen & Malm??, 25-28 September [...]

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Seminar on investing in customer experience

Just from reading the write up and having read some of Sunil Gupta’s previous work, I’m going to give this seminar my highest recommendation…. i’m going to spend the $99 to attend. Essentially in the intro to the seminar says that “customer experience is the investment in customers, and customer profitability is the return on [...]

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culture change: customer-focused employee guide

A great post from Creating Passionate Users, it is basically a guide to creating a bottom up “user-focused employee guide” for when you are working in a “huge company”, I’m sure it would work as a “customer-focused employee guide.” Creating Passionate Users: Subvert from Within: a user-focused employee guide This post is a great example [...]

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From the Dept. of stating the obvious – mobile phones are used primarily for talking

and possibly sending dirty pictures to people. Anyway, Mark has pointed to a report on mobile phone usage, stating that only 17% of people use features beyond calling and text messaging. The quote I really like is: The research also found that only half of all adults feel that operators understand what features customers actually [...]

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Blogging as a marketing tool – participate in a web log survey

I’m a business administration student at the University of Zurich in Switzerland and work at my thesis about ‘weblogs as a marketing instrument’. For this reason, I do a survey with Rogator (, a german survey service, at the following address: Link to survey I’d be very thankful if you could help me with my [...]

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Co-Creation – the Participatory Web

One of my favorite topics is co-creation, so this quote caught my eye from a Yahoo Exec. People want to contribute,” notes Julie Herendeen, vice-president for network products at Yahoo, who oversees Yahoo 360. “We’re moving toward a more participatory Web. Online Extra: A Plethora of Web Picks – Yahoo! News

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No words

Pass Christian, MS House Before/After Originally uploaded by CraftJunkie.

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Cell Phone Impact on Society

Mark Vanderbeeken points to, and comments on a very interesting book on this topic Mark on “the mobile connection”. My only comment is, they will have a lot more impact when the service providers solve the underlying user experience issues that are blocks to getting the most out mobile phones. The data plan debacle for [...]

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User or not to User that is the question

An ex-vianteer colleague of mine, Richard Anderson, has recently asked the, seemingly perpetual question in the UX, XD, CX, usability, user engineering, user centered community Is “user” the best word? It’s been famously quoted, i think by Tufte, that the only industries to that calls its major contituents “users” is designers and drug dealers. I’ve [...]

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Participate in the Coroflot Designers Salary Survey

“Designer Salary Survey The Coroflot Designer Salary Survey is now open and collecting data for the fifth year. Designers are invited to submit their own annual salary information and review results from other disciplines, locations and job titles. Complete results will be published after October 1, 2005.”

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