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Temporary interuption in service due to wilma

Hi all, apologies for being offline for a while, but wilma has left me without power for the last week. I’ve spent the last few days camping out at malls and starbucks trying to get my batteries charged. It is quite shocking the level of devastation from what should have been a minor storm, but [...]

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DMI Innovation Blog – C’mon DMI, put some effort into it

The Design Management Institute is a venerable institution that has been trying to elevate the visibility and influence of design in the realm of business for many years. It has some fantastic conferences, and a great journal publication, but it seems slow in leveraging new technologies, and leveraging the intellectual capital of its community. The [...]

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mainstreaming the wiki –

In it’s continuing transformation from a usability company to a product company has just released, an easy to use wiki. Just to try it out i created a new writeboard here experiencecurve sandbox, the password is “curve” feel free to join in and test out the functionality. One of the wierd things is [...]

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Google Melds Local Search and Maps is now out of beta, and blends local search, google maps and advertising. So “local” gets “maps”, and “maps” gets advertising. This is a hugely important step as the competition heats up to grab the local advertising market. More and more people are turning to search engines as opposed to the yellow pages. Google [...]

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Big boys continue to gobble up blogcentric, social software plays, a kind of social software, wiki like, folksonomy based, event website, that i’ve blogged about before has just been bought by yahoo. I’ve got to tell you yahoo seems to be getting the jump on google for some of these aquasitions IMHO. so far yahoo’s got and, google got Yahoo Buys [...]

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Google’s going to eat everyone’s lunch (including Microsoft)

Google bids to provides free wi-fi access to San Fransisco Where might google be going with this from CNN What if google provided free wi-fi access, article at business 2.0 Googles free wireless in Bryant Park and from january Why does google want all this dark fiber? So who should be worried? ISP’s, Mobile Phone [...]

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