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Post layoffs, Ford puts money into… ringtones

What better way to bring some authenticity to a brand than, yep, mustang ringtones. Yes, it sounds like a car revving. The most mind boggling ringtone being… the national anthem, played out with revving engines and tire screeching for the high F. I guess this gets filed under customer experience irony as well. Now, this [...]

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Apple shows some iBalls

Big brands that show real bravery are few and far between. Big brands maintain control through absolute orchestration of the entire experience, every thing you see, hear, touch are generally tightly choreographed to support and build a brand promise and deliver on that promise. Now as with all choreographed experiences, sometimes big brands lack a [...]

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Beaking every rule and loving it – a shopping site that puts to shame is a shopping site that sells an extremely eclectic mix of products, it seems like a stylish, urban outfitters for grown ups. The web site is a flash extraviganza that puts to sham, essentially breaks every rule in the book when it comes to ecommerce, web design, usability etc. and it works brilliantly. [...]

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Cnet buys Consumating, yes Match should be worried

Last year in July I wrote an article titled Vs. that talked about a small austin based startup and how its approach to online dating was much more of an emergent, bottom up, blog like system. Standing of course in stark contrast to which controls user generated content with an iron fist. [...]

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Tivo + Web Services = webTV 2.0

Now webTV was not that great at all so I’m not doing Tivo any favors by coining the “webTV 2.0″ term, but I think overall it looks like some pretty good ideas. Good Ideas: Podcasts on Tivo (yes podcasts can be video too) Live365 radio on Tivo Yahoo photo’s (although no good for me until [...]

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The new intermediary – blogs as trusted guides – or reintermediation

In the late 90′s when I was working with an Internet Consultancy a pretty significant buzzword was “disintermediation”, in other words, cutting out the middleman. Travel agents would be replaced by travelocity and orbitz, and car salesmen would be replaced by or and the like. Now why on earth did anyone need disintermediating [...]

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Microsoft to spend $120 Million to Erase “HUGE Company” Image

This goes under the new catagory of Customer Experience Irony. Microsoft ads aim to erase ‘huge’ image “We are often perceived as a huge American company,” Lucero said Friday in an interview. This is another gem picked up from digg, if you are a fellow digg user feel free to ad me as a friend, [...]

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GM says “Google Pontiac”

Pontiac is telling people to “google pontiac”, now if only local car dealerships can cash in they could be capturing leads and phone enquiries from this regional campaign. Last night watching the Daily Show I was quite stunned to see a commercial from pontiac, in which the closing statement was Don’t take our word for [...]

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Masters of Experience Vs. Disasters of Experience

This is my inaugral post on the topic of masters vs. disasters of experience, and the company that has driven me to this is comcast, I somehow envision this as a possible series of posts, although this example is one of the clearest vs. scenarios. It’s kind of like Iron Chef, and this is the [...]

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Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye

An interesting article from that proposes that web users can form an opinion about websites within the first 50 milliseconds, that’s like watching 1 frame of a tv show. news @ – Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye – Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds. [...]

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