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brand irony

Church of the Customer recently pointed out how brave google was with it’s logo, eschewing some of the more “fundamentalist” brand tenants of logo worship, or putting your logo on a pedestal, by creating different logos to celebrate or recognize things/events/people. The specific logo they were pointing to was the google braille logo, celebrating Louis [...]

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More on the importance of co-creation for netflix

An interesting post from the “church of the customer” regarding how cutomers evangalise the service: Well, 85% of new subscribers say they signed up for the DVD-rental-via-mail service because they heard about it from an existing subscriber. And 93% of existing subscribers say they have evangelized the service to their friends, family and colleagues. It [...]

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what do you get if you cross delicious with slashdot? All the news that everyone on the internet is interested in! Needless to say lots of stories about macs, xp, xbox etc. although yesterday I saw a story about how nikon was discontinuing film cameras, and then I saw it on the register today, seems that digg broke that story. So digg is a [...]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and K2 (the ajax template)

I’ve just upgraded experienceCurve to run on wordpress 2.0 and all in all I am really happy so far. The upgrade process was totally painless, and everything seems to be working find. To be quite honest though, the most exciting thing about upgrading to 2.0 was the opportunity to try out the k2 template. This [...]

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Turn your RSS feed Into an email list

The wonderful guys at Feedburner can help you turn your RSS feed into an email newsletter. This is a wonderful addition to the tools that feedburner provide, and i’m hoping will help continue to build my readership. See the subscribe form on the right hand side of the page, well just enter your email in [...]

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Yahoo CEO introduces Yahoo GO (hot on the heals of google mobile)

Seems that google and yahoo are in lockstep with some developments, especially when it comes to mobile phones: Oooh, look they’re even using the sweet Nokia 6682 as an example, as it comes pre loaded on series 60 phones Yahoo Chief Executive Terry Semel is scheduled to announce today the Yahoo Go initiative, which will [...]

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Bad Customer Experience Drives Customers Away

So almost 90% of online shoppers experienced problems when trying to conduct transactions online. Online holiday sales increased strongly this year, according to preliminary estimates. That’s good news for small Internet retailers, but a recent survey suggests that online transaction failures can drive customers away. The survey, commissioned by San Francisco customer-experience software company TeaLeaf, [...]

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Google PC may just be speculation

The Register, who reported yesterday the Google PC was likely to be announced on friday is now saying the Google PC may just be speculation, and in fact is asking “Let’s relax a bit, friends. A smidgen of practical thinking would be a huge help”. That being the case I still think that google is [...]

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Ipod Designer Honoured By Queen

I knew the Queen was hip to what’s happening, but who knew she would include Apple’s head of design in her new years honours list (where she picks “knew” knights and so forth). Jonathan Ive gets a CBE (Commander of the British Empire), which is just below the knighthood, but pretty damn good all the [...]

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The google PC – yes windows should be worried

In the latest installment of what seems to be a perpetual topic for me is how google is going to eat everyone’s lunch, including Microsoft (that was the headline to a post in october last year, and Febuary last year I said that google was going to eat yahoo’s lunch). Google is planning to provide [...]

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