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Features don’t matter any more?

A nice little article from the “Association of Computing Machinery” proposes features don’t matter any more and pro-ports “welcome to the age of user experience”. I totally agree with the central thesis, that once technical features reach equilibrium in a market, be it processor speed, or storage space, or bandwidth etc. the the overall user [...]

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Does “rails” contribute to a better customer experience?

Geek Chic: Rails 37signals has built 5 new software products over the last couple of years, and has knocked every single one out of the park, two of their products earned “best of the web 2005″ from business week, not bad for a couple of years. Currently over a quarter of a million people use [...]

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Pimp my blog!

Any customer experience companies want to sponsor my blog so I can get a little cash to hire a designer? Any designers want to help me pimp my blog? Also, any readers that know of a cool company that appreciates the value of customer experience feel free to post a comment, thx. Why would you [...]

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London Calling – Mum leaves a voicemail on skype

I got rather a kick out of these two voicemails my Mum left for me, the first one has a few seconds of silence as both my Mum and Dad try and figure out what is going on. I like my Dads advice “click on red”, take that to the usability/icon lab. Mum and Dad [...]

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Co-Creation – open source creativity – viral, fun, valuable – what’s not to like?

Open Source R+D – ideas, creativity and innovation from the Eyebeam Open Lab via In action: LED throwies – genius – Step by step guides to making cool shit, for example, how to make your own LED Throwies

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Guinness – do’s dont’s and gotchas of global brand blogs

Last wednesday, February 15th Guinness (a generally forward thinking and creative marketer) launched a blog. As opposed to the usual puffery and inauthenticity that can be associated with some of the “Corporate Brand Jobs” that pass for blogs, Guinness is a surprisingly conversational, authentic affair. In an effort to try and quantify what they have [...]

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Fight breast cancer with the brrreeeport

So far the brrreeeport has yielded technocratic navel gazing, here’s your chance to do something good, go and digg the bringr site Go and digg bringr and do something good for the, bringr, a digg for women, will donate 25c for every story that hits there front page, they’ve rased $16, and I think the [...]

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Marketing Absinthe as the Date Rape Drink?

Alcohol is often marketed with the thinly veiled message that alcohol is a social lubricant and will likely get you laid. In this case though they are not beating around the bush with their tagline “the ultimate panty remover” The Complete Campaign Landing Page (new window) What the Hell is Absinthe Anyway Absinthe is a [...]

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Google back door reveals 22,300 results for brrreeeport

For those not in the loop, Robert Scoble of the Scobleizer blog suggested a couple of days ago that everyone put “brrreeeport” in there blog, to test out search engines and blog trackers like technorati. Well it was all fun and games, but today google shut down any queries for brrreeeport and showed zero results [...]

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Brrreeeport has “Shot” Past Cheney

As the number one search on Technorati. Ironically enough Measure Map is also making a strong showing, related to the recent acquisition of the Adaptive Path tool “measure map” by Google. Ironic because measure map is a tool that helps bloggers measure their stats and “influence”. Well if you ever doubted Scobleizers influence, you can [...]

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