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Middle Aged, White, Fairly Well Off, English, Blues Singer

I just wanted to shamelessly promote my Dad (Bob Long) who just released an album of traditional blues and seems to be working on a second career as a musician. Now what is a middle aged, fairly well off, white, Englishman doing singing the blues? Well he’s been singing and playing since he was a [...]

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Business Fear Mongering – “But what if everyone uses that”

Many conversations about interactive products and services come to the point of asking the question “but what if everyone uses that”, ususally reffering to the “free” aspect of a service, or the general priceing, or features etc. Google – We could give away 1 gig of web space, eeek, but what if everyone uses that? [...]

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PayPal Mobile – Goes Beyond Sending Money, Helping People Buy

On first blush the idea of “paypal mobile” brings to mind paypal on your phone, ok, big woop. Well if that were true I wouldn’t be writing this post right now, because PayPal leapfrogged the common “mobile” route of “it’s the same only smaller and harder to read” and went for what i’ll term the [...]

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Catching a Good Virus

The Indie Virus is another social experiment in the blogosphere that is squarely aimed at those of us bloggers who inhabit the world outside the fame and stardom of the A list. “The Indie Virus” is essentially designed to link create some links between some lesser known blogs and serve to create some additional exposure, [...]

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Next Gen Video Games Emulate Bag of Marbles

When I lived in NY in the mid 90′s a friend of mine worked for an interactive company who’s primary audience was kids, and because of this he was always interested in kids tv, games and things marketed to kids. That was his excuse anyway, and the reason he played an N64 as opposed to [...]

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UXMag: Design/Tech/Strategy != Common Sense

My friend and colleague Bill Rattner writes an interesting post about the potential paradox of the UXMag tagline “We cover common sense” juxtaposed with their navigation “Design, Tech, and Strategy.” Years ago I worked at a company that was founded on the very valuable and very dangerous concept that Design, Strategy, and Technology should live [...]

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Killing your Brand is difficult, expensive, and a PR nightmare… So murder it!

The “brands” of startups are often the result of a brain-wave of the founder, crafted on the back of a napkin, inspired by the initial business concept. This often works out well, but sometimes the company looks so different 6 months or a year into it suddenly the name and the logo don’t seem to [...]

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Features don’t matter anymore… oooh except that one or ‘Don’t Listen to Your Customers’

I sadly lost my trusty bluetooth headset yesterday, and I am absolutely baffled as to where I lost it, but it’s gone. I couldn’t even find it via it’s weak bluetooth distress signal (my computer should pick it up within 30′). Anyway, I “need” a bluetooth headset in the biggest way for two reasons: It [...]

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