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Experience vs Free

Now I’m a huge fan of Starbucks, I love a good latte and have in the past been a daily “user”. Recently though, i’ve found myself going out of my way to go to some other bakeries in the area to get a coffee and a pastry of some sort, why? Free Wi-Fi. Starbucks has [...]

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When A Company Logo Warms Your Heart

It’s rare for a company logo to stop me in my tracks, but when I noticed this in the top left of the screen I just had to write a note of appreciation. It’s so good it made me all tingle-y and not many corporate logo’s do that for me. It’s just another example of [...]

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Video Games That Are Good For Your Brain

“Brain Age” is here, and yes it’s a video game, but it’s not aiming for what would normally be considered the mass market of boys 18-30 or “gamers”, it’s going for the “massive market” of people who want to “train their brain”. With tag lines like: For decades Nintendo has been exercising your thumbs. Now [...]

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Business Fear II – “But what everyone did this” again

I’m a huge fan of Guy Kawasaki and I just came across and article by him on providing great customer service, or as he calls it The Art of Customer Service. I thought I would point to this because it’s somewhat related to a previous post I made about the business fear, for as Guy [...]

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New Blog for Marketing Professionals

I am extremely excited to say that i have been asked to contribute to the new MarketingProfs blog, and today i’m the lead story. The collection of contributers they have are stellar, including Seth Godin, BL Ochman, Leigh Duncan, Mark Vanderbeeken and many more. Go check out the blog BTW I’m also contributing to [...]

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Bullying a Bully – Giving GM a Noogie, and the Chevy Tahoe a Chinese Burn

Have you ever got in a fight with someone and ended up much better friends? Well I wonder if all the people out there who are slapping GM around with the Chevy Apprentice “negative ads” aren’t actually putting more of a human face on GM? After we slap around the bully aren’t we now somewhat [...]

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