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Interactive Marketers, The New Stick In The Muds?

Is the web really moving so fast that the recently, bold, innovative, interactive marketers are now the “traditional” media? Are they obsessed with RIA/Flash based “orgies” for the senses and missing the boat a little on the “new” marketing, the conversational marketing, the blog marketing, the social software etc. I was listening to a rant [...]

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Rethinking Brand Management

Chris Lawer of the OMC group has just published what looks to be an interesting and relevant academic paper on the topic of “Customer Advocacy and Brand Development“. The blog post gives a bit of a summary on what the paper is about, but unfortunatly you can’t download a copy of the paper unless you [...]

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Exponential Marketing Through Customer Experience

It has occured to me that the hierarchy of customer experience forms an interesting foundation when thinking about modern marketing. I’ve used the term “expontential marketing” because customers co-creating value can create powerful network effects. I think this formula can provide a lens through which we can look at the success of companies like flickr, [...]

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The Fuzzy Front End

From: Central Office of Design Most companies are very uncomfortable at the beginning of this diagram, and in fact I think this is one of the main reasons for “agencies” failure to innovate with clients. Ironically, clients that need to innovate, hire consultancies, and then balk at up front time exploring possibilities. As one professor [...]

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Fun From Tcritic

Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt Originally uploaded by karllong. This is from my daily t-shirt blog, tcritic but it’s also a wonderful example of a business concept, that tweaks the nose of what we think a clothing company should be. Johnny Cupcakes is the name of the company and for anyone following the Sopranos they’ve got a [...]

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Attract & Motivate Through Customer Experience

This is an idea that kept me awake last night. I’ve been struggling for a while to try and bring together a couple of seemingly disparate concepts. Namely search engine marketing, micromarketing, and customer experience. Why would I try and do such a thing? (that’s what my dad asked as well). Well I write about [...]

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Interwoven Approaching The Blogosphere

Interwoven has recently got in touch with me to see if I was interested in interviewing their CMO, Bill Seawick to talk about their focus on “customer experience”. Interwoven is one of the technology companies that has become started to position its tools and services around the concept of enhancing the customer experience. I haven’t [...]

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Business Networking That Doesn’t Suck A small Seattle based business networking site started by Dan McComb, it focuses on encouraging F2F networking, and referring business. One of the very interesting aspects of this is that “good behavior” like referring people business gets you kudos and builds your reputation. Hmm, imagine that, rewarding people for behavior you want to encourage, [...]

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I’m Priceless

I wrote last week about the priceless campaign by MasterCard and how they had failed to take advantage of the online marketing aspect of the campaign at all. Which considering this was a “consumer generated content” play and the whole tv campaign that was pushing people to “” is baffling. I mean, even Chevy got [...]

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Three column theme

You may have noticed the design changed slightly, i’m experimenting with a three column layout I put together that’s based on the brilliant k2 theme. If you want to download my 3 column experiment you can get it here t-critic k3_col theme. I’d be glad of any feedback. K

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