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Top 50 People That Matter In Todays Business – You’re Number 1

Business 2.0 puts together the list of the top execs, entrepreneurs and innovators who are setting the agenda in business today. Guess what, you’re number 1. Why You Matter: They’ve long said the customer is always right. But they never really meant it. Now they have no choice. You — or rather, the collaborative intelligence [...]

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Zeldman – Now With Comments

Just a quick note that Jeffery Zeldman, someone who has been blogging since before there were blogs has now opened up comments on his “daily report” at, his first “comment enabled” post has already received 55 comments Next step trackback Jeff. Jeffery is an excellent writer, and someone who has been working studiously since [...]

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San Francisco and the 1 percent rule

I’m in San Francisco ’till sunday, and I am in love with this town. Such a great vibe. Just a quick post to point you to the Guardian article on the 1% rule, just an illustration of how the mainstream is beginning to grok social media and co-creation. What is the 1% rule – Guardian [...]

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Customer Experience + Co-Creation = Kick Ass Business

I’ve been convinced for a while that the customer experience is the key to valuable co-creation in companies and organizations, and yet I have felt a bit on the fringe, so I was absolutely knocked out when I read this business week article “Ruthless Focus On Customer Experience”. 1. Focus on the moment of truth [...]

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Co-Creative Business Show #4 – John Winsor Special Guest

Episode 4 of “the co-creative business show” a weekly podcast on the topics of co-creation, co-creative business and the technology and media that underlie this trend. This weeks special guest/co-host is John Winsor, CEO of Radar Communications and author of “SPARK: Be More Innovative Through Co-Creation“. I really enjoyed this show and hope you get [...]

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Technorati Upgrades, includeds YouTube meme tracker

Technorati just rolled out an upgrade, and a revamped design. A very interesting aspect is how they have elevated the visibility of YouTube videos through tags and links: What’s Popular on YouTube. This is a very smart move, especially as the volume of activity on YouTube continues to grow at astronomical proportions, the need for [...]

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Rocketboom, Rocketbust, everyone’s a winner

The old adage of there is no bad publicity is shown in the alexa rankings for Rocketboom, and for Amanda’s blog Unboomed, both of them in the top three “movers and shakers” On top of that Rocketboom had a brilliant episode today that was original, creative, and fun, by featuring some YouTube stars really showed [...]

Posted in Marketing | Leave a comment – The Social Video Sandbox – What NBC Should Be Doing With YouTube is is like youtube in the way that flickr is like photobucket. It may not ever compete on volume, but will surely compete on quality, revenue and recruiting Social Media Talent. is like “project greenlight”, it encourages video submissions that the community votes on. In fact the community can “greenlight” projects as part [...]

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Fox Launches Social Video Site – Fox Atomic

Maybe the only thing going for this site is the great Borat movie trailer (the other Ali G like alter ego of Sasha Baron Cohen) No risk to youtube or myspace video, but another big company dipping its toe in social media. falls into the trap of most social media experiments, like the Coke [...]

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Big Media Reaches Out To Social Media – Receives Warm Welcome

Tired of companies interacting with the bloggersphere and getting their hand slapped by snarky bloggers? Well Universal Studios called a blogging buddy, MovieMarketingMadness to give him the lowdown on how they were marketing their new movie Miami Vice. Mack Collier of the ViralGarden thinks this is commendable, and so do I. So this is a [...]

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