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If you’ve got $195, on the west coast, interested in marketing Run don’t walk (october 3rd) is having a little 1 day conference on the future of marketing called M2 (yes, msquared). Apart from deserving heaps of praise for not calling it M2.0 they also have an amazing list of speakers: Greg Stern, CEO of BSSP Josh Quittner, Editor, Business 2.0 Jim McDowell, VP of MINI Michela O’Connor Abrams, President, [...]

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A Bluffers Guide To Social Media

Antony Mayfield, head of content and social media at Spannerworks (which appears to be a SEO company) writes an interesting article for where he lays out a high level summary of what social media might mean to businesses and brands. Titled a “bluffers guide to social media“, which is a sort of teaser for [...]

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links for 2006-09-30

Virtual online worlds | Living a Second Life | An excelent article from the Economist on SecondLife, why businesses are paying attention, and how it’s used for education. (tags: secondlife business creativity) BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC and Microsoft sign agreement This includes plans for next-generation web 2.0 and ways to share online [...]

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What’s The Role Of Social Media In The Next Election?

This 10 minute report from MSNBC is certainly not something I would have seen via normal media channels, for one thing, I don’t watch MSNBC. The question it raises for me is what is the will the role of the social media community be in upcoming elections? The re-democratization of the democratic process? The political [...]

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Kiteboarding Video – N73 (Nokia Pimping)

My friend Paul, who writes just posted a new video of a kiteboarding trip he did. The whole thing is filmed on his Nokia N73, and edited on a macbook. I think the results are pretty amazing considering the setup. Paul’s been experimenting for a while with movies like this, and this is his [...]

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links for 2006-09-29

Yahoo Catches Up With Busy Family 2 0 (tags: 2.0-deathwatch) the show with zefrank Zefrank responds to an angry video from a Debuke, Iowa cable access show called “the show” that thinks Ze stole their name, hands down one of the funniest zefrank episodes ever (tags: zefrank theshow rant video youtube) YouTube – Inside the [...]

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Book: Outside Innovation – How Customers Will Co-Design Your Company’s Future

I was thrilled today to receive a book called Outside Innovation from Harper Collins to review today. Clearly this is not the review, that will come, but this is more an FYI that if you’re interested in this whole co-creation, social media, customer experience thing that this book should be on your list, period. It’s [...]

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New Job: I’m Joining Nokia, Moving To San Francisco

I’m pleased to let you all know that I recently accepted an offer to join Nokia and I will be moving to San Francisco in the next few weeks. The role i’m taking on is going to combine several of my very favorite things, the web, video games, and of course mobile phones (or multimedia [...]

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Wiki 2.0 on the ScobleShow

Robert Scoble, famed ex-microsoft blogger (scobelizer), co-author of Naked Conversations has started a video podcast called The Scoble Show at PodTech. I just checked out one of his recent shows with the JotSpot CEO (JotSpot makes wiki software), and it seems like an amazing jump forward in wiki technology. In the video they demo wiki [...]

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Advertising Out Of Ideas?

In case you can’t tell this is a picture of my tray table on a flight from West Palm Beach to Boston. It’s an ad for an upcoming A&E show called “Driving Force” staring real life racing dude John Force and his 3 drag racing daughters… check out their myspace page. I love the tag [...]

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