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Google Aquires JotSpot (the office like wiki)

I had pointed previously to some of the amazing features in Jot Spot when it was featured on the Scoble Show a month or so ago. Well google just acquired them, and I must say I think that’s probably a damn site better value than YouTube The Jot Spot wiki’s have got some amazing ‘office [...]

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Brand Proliferation – From Borat’s Perspective’

Link for feedreaders Wow, that’s a deleted scene? I think that was hysterical. From a couple of clips i’ve seen it seems that Borat is going to combine the brilliant fake interviews in the movie just like in the TV show (the Ali G Show). I think one of the reasons the Ali G movie [...]

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Social Bookmarking Monday –

Just heard from Natasha Robinson of that there is a little mini conference on social bookmarking put on by from 7-9 tonight in SoMa at Cnet. Speakers from Ma.gnolia, Wists and Kaboodle. I’ve got to say I love San Francisco with all of these little meet-ups going on, see you there! K

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links for 2006-10-30

Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect Future Perfect is about the collision of people, society and technology: A great blog with lots of photos and insights (tags: nokiablogger mobile blog future design)

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Wii Looks Like So Much Fun

Nintendo bows out of the 3d arms race with the Wii and aims for a different demographic than traditional console makers, as they fight over the “gamer” market Nintendo aims for… the rest of the world: Video link for feedfans I’m actually way more interested in the Wii than the PS3. It seems i’m not [...]

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Mind Candy – Online Gaming/Alternate Reality Gaming Gets 7 Million In funding

It’s interesting to me that the headline for this news story was “Online Gaming Firm Mind Candy Gets $7 Million Funding”, which i almost blew by without a second glance. The more interesting thing is that Mind Candy also creates ARG’s or (Alternate Reality Games), and if you want to talk about “multi-media” check [...]

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links for 2006-10-29

A Brief, Very Brief, Introduction to Task Based Models ยป SlideShare A very good presentation from Indi Young (formerly of Adaptive Path), good commentry on how companies often use “preference research” (what we like) for product design when “conceptual research” (how we do things) is more appropriate (tags: mentalmodel adaptivepath userresearch userexperience UX)

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User Research Friday Redux

UPDATE: Steve Portigal provides a thoughtful writeup of the even here and asks “can we do better?” Well thanks to Bolt Peters we had quite an interesting and fun afternoon yesterday at User Research Friday. Apart from all the great speakers, kudos on not running out of drinks, clearly they’ve got some generous sponsors and [...]

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links for 2006-10-28

Google quizzed over YouTube plans more commentary from a European perspective on the copyright issues that surround youtube (tags: youtube video google)

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Global Photo-mashup Of Pictures Taken With Nokia Phones

World 24h is a pretty mind boggling project, basically a world map that goes and grabs photo’s from flickr and displays thumbnails of photos that have been taken in different parts of the world at different times with Nokia Nseries phones (or multimedia computers as they are called now). There is even a 24 hour [...]

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