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links for 2006-11-30

Why isn’t all TV on demand on The uber geeks (tags: tv media media2.0) The Product Design Process [Graphic Novel] (tags: design design_practice design_education)

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Yahoo Brand Universe – A Product/Brand Focused Social Media Mashup Mini Site

In a very smart move Yahoo has identified 100 brands or properties that are very popular with its users and is using that as the basis for creating brand/product focused mini sites that pull together content from all over Yahoo. Two very prominent social media properties that are getting blended together here are Flickr and [...]

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What Extraordinary Things Can You Do With An Ordinary Product

Previously I blogged about the BlendTec blenders and I asked the question “does your company make something extraordinary” scamp commented that most companies don’t make extraordinary products. Well as a wonderful video counterpoint to this, Milwaukee Best Light beer (which could never be accused of being anything but ordinary) decided to put a campaign together [...]

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links for 2006-11-29

Second Lifer A First Life Millionaire – Kotaku Second Lifer Anshe Chung now has “in game” assets valued at over 1 million USD (tags: secondlife co-creation) Online Spin » Blog Archive » The Agency’s Role In New Media, Part 2 Agencies shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel but partner with the experts and thoughtleaders (tags: [...]

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It’s kind of like The View for Social Media types Started by Piers and Noah in NY it’s now branching out to other cities and countries. Next SF one is Dec 1st at 8am at La Presse at the corner of Grant and Stockton organized by Mark Lewis

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Colbert and Wii Sports

Steven Colbert says the number 1 threat on the “threat down” is the Nintendo Wii, because he can’t tear himself away! Link for feedreaders

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links for 2006-11-24

Mobile e-mail heading for the masses | Tech News on ZDNet (tags: MobileCustomerExperience usability mobile)

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Has Google Maps Has Stopped Working With Firefox?

I think google maps must have changed the way it detects browsers as now it’s telling me my firefox 2 based browser (actuall BonEcho for intel based macs) is not compatible. Even worse, they totally blog access from the google maps application, redirecting you to a totally hobbled version of the app. The minimum requirement [...]

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links for 2006-11-22

Advertising Age – YouTube Grows Up — But What Does It Mean? Bob Garfield on YouTube (tags: advertising article business marketing youtube) 49SPARKS – Podcast: Cut and Paste Design Competition San Francisco video from the cut & paste competition in SF (tags: design adobe graphic-design competition) kuler – adobe web based color wheel/explorer very cool [...]

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Charmin Does Some Product Testing In Time Square

From next Monday through Dec. 31, the Procter & Gamble Charmin brand will operate a public restroom in the heart of Times Square, amply stocked with Charmin Ultra, and complete with attendants who are assigned to clean up after each use. And google will be supplying contextual ads Tip of the Hat to John Winsor

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