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links for 2006-12-30

This Blog Sits at the: innovators and the university (the d-school) this wonderful article by Grant McCracken discusses products/brands as combinations of function and meaning and talks about how d-schools are better positioned to help with these problems that b-schools (tags: d-school b-school design culture)

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links for 2006-12-29

The Revenge of the Generic how Target has changed the perception of the “store brand” with designer offerings (tags: design design_strategy brand branding)

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Social Media Is Dead – So Says Steve Rubel

In 2006 all media went social. Pretty much every newspaper, TV network and publication has wholeheartedly embraced these technologies. Newspapers have comments, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis and other forms of two-way communications. TV networks have a presence in Second Life and more. The lines have blurred. Even some of the marketers themselves are producing content [...]

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Creative Commons Business Mixter [jan 18th, San Francisco]

Anyone not familiar with creative commons, it is a really easy way for anyone to create and attach a license to any work they create. It gives individuals and businesses a really simple framework to share creative works while still maintaining a say in how it get’s used. In many ways I see the Creative [...]

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links for 2006-12-25

Predictions In Media for an Unopened Year – New York Times some interesting ideas in an article from the times on what may be coming up in ’07 for media (tags: social-media marketing)

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The Best Take On Person Of The Year Yet

Merry christmas everybody, i’m lying awake in the UK at 5am with some wicked jetlag, so what else is there to do except tool around on youtube. Well ever since I saw this daily show bit i’ve been waiting for it to show up on youtube, it’s brilliant. Link for feedreaders “it’s almost as if [...]

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Putting the Fun In Functional – Game Mechanics and Social Media

This is a great presentation from Shufflebrain that talks about game mechanics in the context of social media. The idea is very simple, game mechanics motivate behavior, and once you understand that you can start building these aspects into all kinds of social software. This is a wonderful expression of something that I have felt [...]

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links for 2006-12-13 popular sites a nice little app that highlights some of the most bookmarked sites over various time periods, like 24hrs, 1 week, and 1 month. Very cool (tags: bookmarks social-media popular)

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Youtube + Jackass = DareJunkies

DareJunkies is a site that went into beta today and will go live on january 1st that “challenges” its community to do something stupid on video and send it in. The community then votes on the best versions of a particular challenge and winners get cash prizes. Sounds like a legal nightmare, but it looks [...]

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YouTube Releases Test Tube – A Feature Incubator

For many years web design was an unnatural paring of graphic design, software design and product design, all of these disciplines assumed that there was an endpoint that was “done”. We’re going to build the site, like we’re going to build a monolith, in some cases monument that would stand for long time and would [...]

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