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Nathan Sedroff – Author of Experience Design 1 Interviewed by Steve Portigal

Link to the interview page I have a great deal of respect for both Nathan Shedroff, the interviewee and Steve Portigal the interviewer so i recommend checking out the interview. Nathan wrote the seminal book on Experience Design of the same title, and has a web site full of resources at (which is ironically [...]

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Making Dinner – Corporate Team Building

so i’m part of a team at Nokia doing a team building event, this involves making an “interactive online dining experience”. Believe it or not, we’re in an apartment in the financial district of San Francisco with a pile of lumber, to build the table, some wifi access, a flickr account, a blog and $1,000 [...]

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WTF Does Carson Daly Know About The Economics Of Social Media?

I have no idea, but he’s on the speaker lineup at the EconSM (economics of social media) conference put on by, being held on April 27th in Beverly Hills. Carson stands out amongst a mixed bag of speakers. Some people I would like to hear from on the economics of social media like the [...]

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100% Natural

and from the 7up faq Q. What makes Regular 7UP now 100% natural? A. 7UP has always been made with the highest quality ingredients. Now, we’ve simply removed any artificial ingredients in Regular 7UP and ensured that all of the remaining ingredients are 100% natural. Q. Why have you made Regular 7UP 100% natural? A. [...]

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What Is Web 2.0

This is a brilliant video that has been viewed over 1.2 million times and get this, it was put together by an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at the Kansas State University. Link for feedreaders Was he really talking about social media or Social Media? I think so. Tip of the Hat

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What is Social Media

I was really impressed this Sunday when I read Stowe Boyd’s post on “what is Social Media“, the man has a wonderful talent for clarity and cuts through the bullshit like a hot knife through butter. Stowe’s post was a response to a question by Dare Obasanjo who seems confused as to what social media [...]

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Sending Smart Phones to Smart Bloggers Why? Who? How To Get The Most Out Of It

I have noted a couple of times before that Nokia sent out phones and internet tablets in the past to some bloggers. Most were pretty cool with it, some questioned it’s ethics, and I certainly didn’t see any of the every negative reactions that the Vista laptop “give away” kerfuffle produced. As a blogger who [...]

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Talent At The Edges, Innovation At The Edges

It happens to people, it happens to ideas, it happens to blogs, it happens to businesses, innovation and talent is coming from the edges. The means to try, the means to invent, the means to fail and try again is available to anyone with an internet connection and increasingly they are ones willing to try [...]

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I Met Noah at a…

Most business cards in this world are a wasted opportunity, and often a waste of space. I just met with Noah Brier, a blogger/creative/strategist from NYC and was so impressed with his business card I had to take a picture of it, at least the back of it. Noah just joined an interesting agency called [...]

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Cool 2.0 Ideas Executed With 1.0 Mindset

Nike has done some very exciting things with its Nike + campaign. If you’re not familiar basically Nike has created a little device (an accelerometer you put in your shoe) for the iPod nano that reports back how far you have run, your pace etc. You can then upload all that data to the nike [...]

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