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Social Media Disrupts All Company Communication

I was inspired this morning by Daniel’s post on his Emergence Media blog titled Marketing Changes: CMOs, Evangelist, Social Media Programs, Website Strategy Positioning, it’s a very meaty article and worth a good read. Longer Tail of Media Consumption Increasing variety of media (mobile, social networks, search blogs, Xbox 360) that people are consuming means [...]

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AdTech Redux

Great write up of the “trench warfare, blogs, podcasts etc” panel I was on. Video recording of our panel that was streamed live via recorded by Jeremiah Owyang Rohit Bhargava on Notes on the Vibe from Ad-Tech San Francisco Steve Hall celebrates the Girls Of AdTech Also Steve on lessons learned in the bathroom [...]

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AdTech Keynote – Is Content King Again?

Interesting keynote/roundtable at AdTech this morning asking the question is content king again? Panlists include Suzie Reider, Head of Advertising for YouTube, Jason Hirschhorn, president Sling Media Group, Kourosh Karimkhany, General Manager Wired Digital, Caroline H. Little CEO and Publisher, and Newsweek Interactive. Suzie is really getting put on the spot about how they [...]

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Adtech panel streamed and twittered

Jeremiah Owyang of the Web Strategy Blog is going to be streaming our panel discussion from adtech via a tool called Ustream. We’ve already been twittering it from myself, Jeremiah, and Kent Nichols (of askaninja fame). The stream of our panel will go live at 4pm PST, in addition to the video there is a [...]

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“The Conversation Age” Collaborative Ebook is coming

Gavin Heaton and Drew McClellan started a project to collaboratively create an ebook written by 100+ bloggers, the topic The Age of Conversation. I’m one of the contributers and my chapter will be “viral games”, how big games and ARG’s are powerful tools for high engagement high involvement conversations. All proceeds from the sale of [...]

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Google Celebrates April 20th With A New Logo

Wow, those guys are liberal

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Experience As Story Telling – Ira Glass

“What is a story in it’s purest form? The power of the anecdote. Raising questions at the beginning, constantly raising questions and answering them.” Reminds me of what someone told me about great animation, the process of tension and release. I wonder if the same thing goes for games? On a side note, i’ve listened [...]

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Myspace Launches “Digg Killer” Tomorrow

So according to Mashable Myspace is launching tomorrow. It supposed to feature the same kind of crowdsourcing features that Digg does, and considering the traffic that myspace has it could become a quite a competitor. Some people have already commented that it seemed like a strange time to make a launch announcement, some are [...]

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Blogger Outreach Done Right – The Nikon Blog Ambassador Program

I think Nikon and their agency MWW Group are doing an extraordinary job engaging with the blogosphere and have just heard about their blog ambassador program through Mack Collier of the Viral Garden, and BL Ochman of the What Next Blog. With this program i think Nikon provide a very good example of how to [...]

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Coke and Second Life – More Social Media and CGC Experiments

Coke is working with new marketing company Crayon to launch a competition in Second Life, the name of the project is VirtualThirst and involves the general public and residents of Second Life designing Coke vending machines that deliver “experiences”. As it turns out you can submit ideas as written descriptions, images, videos, or of course [...]

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