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Interview with Nokia N800 Product Manager

My good friend Victor Brilon was interviewed by David Dalka (of the create value blog) talking about the Nokia N800 internet tablet. One of the very cool thing about the N800 is it’s a linux powered tablet that you can fit in your pocket, that is an entirely open platform for developers. I’ve actually got [...]

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Check Out The Pop Tech Pop Casts

Do yourself a favor and go watch some pop tech pop casts, interesting people include Kent Nichols of ask a ninja, Chris Anderson author of the Long Tail and lots of other folks I should probably know. Tip of the hat Coolhunting

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Error Message Of The Day – Hall Of Fame Nominee

It’s almost poetry or some kind of koan to be pondered.

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Dodgeball founders leave google – one to join Area/Code

Dodgeball founders leave google and that leaves Dodgeball probably dead. Then why did Google buy Dodgeball exactly? Not for the founders…they left. Not for the tech. UPDATE: They announced this via Flickr That is crazy, I swear dodgeball is one of the few mobile apps (twitter, jaiku) that i’ve got any value out of. I [...]

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Instead of going to a web 2.0 expo I created a web 2.0 app

I guess I missed all the hoopla around the web 2.0 expo, and somehow am not going to it. So instead I built my own web 2.0 application, think of it as Digg for T-shirts and it’s built on an open source tool called Pligg. Pligg is essentially an open source, php/mysql version of, [...]

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Confessr – A Confesional App Built On Twitter

It is the simplicity of twitter that makes it successful and makes it malleable enough for people to do what ever they want with it without the constraint of what it was “designed for”. Take for example what i will call Confessr, it’s really just a web based interface to a twitter account meant for [...]

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7 Building Blocks Of The Social Web

In a brilliant post on, information architect Gene Smith of the blog outlined the 7 building blocks of social software. This pulls together the work of various people including Matt Webb and Stewart Butterfield and provides a framework that I think is valuable in thinking about social software. The 7 building blocks are: [...]

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Why Grow Bloggers When You Can Hire Them?

On the topic of corporate blogging, should companies grow corporate bloggers organically or should they just hire a superstar blogger? Recently Microsoft hired famed blogger Hugh MacLeod from Gapingvoid and it really started me wondering. Clearly he’s not being hired as a shill/spokesperson, he is a very creative, subversive, change agent, and this seemed to [...]

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N95 Video Of 7th Annual Big Wheel Race Down Lombard St

Big Wheel? Check. Very Steep Hill? Check. Thousands of people? Check I found out about this San Francisco tradition via an awesome web site that documents inexpensive things to do in San Fran. Anyway, I caught a few minutes of the video on my N95, Nokia’s new super smart phone or Multimedia Computer. The quality [...]

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Social Network/Dating Site For Getting Your Nerdy Friends Laid

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, upload your friends pictures and write an explanation of why they need to get laid, rinse and repeat. Via Fimoculous

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