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More On Alternate Reality Games

Wired magazine is running an article this week about an Alternate Reality Game that was spawned from an episode of Hero’s, and even claims that the article itself may be a clue in another ARG that Wired is running. For the ordinary couch potato, “Godsend” was just another episode of the TV series Heroes. But [...]

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Understanding Social Media

These two quotes on the Nine Inch Nails myspace page demonstrate a deep and nuanced understanding social media: IMPORTANT: TRENT REZNOR IS NOT ON MYSPACE. ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE HIM (OR ANY MEMBER OF THE BAND) IS FULL OF SHIT. note: we have disabled comments because myspace is a cesspool of spammers.

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Pandora “everywhere”… Only In The US and Only On Sprint

The extraordinary net radio service Pandora has made an announcement called “Pandora Everywhere”, has partnered with Sprint to deliver a mobile version of Pandora. So Pandora Everywhere is only available in the US and only on sprint phones? That sucks balls. Theoretically Pandora is just a flash app so there is no reason that it [...]

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Flickr’s Need To Innovate – Content Will Follow The Money

I am a huge Flickr fan and have used it for years, but the launch of a new version of Zooomr points out how no company can rest on it’s laurels. The most important take away here is: If the majority of a companies value is derived from its users ala 99% of social media/web2.0 [...]

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More Speaking – Video Games and Social Media

So after my panel at Ad:tech I just got another opportunity to speak, this time on the topic of video games and social media at the LA Games Conference (a smaller more intimate E3). What’s interesting to me as I move from one O’sphere to another ie. the marketing O’sphere to the video game O’sphere [...]

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Bruce Sterling on Hostile Objects

Wonderful video featuring Bruce Sterling on Hostile Objects. Examples he gives are payphones, Microsoft media player, and even work places. Reminds me of the post I wrote about sign up forms, is your sign up form hostile

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Brilliant Video, Consumer Breaking Up With Advertising

The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager This is a brilliant commercial/parody produced by a marketing manager at microsoft to help communicate the current state of the relationship between advertisers and consumers. The projects blog is called This is an inspired production and an excellent communication tool. It was inspired somewhat by David Armano’s bit in [...]

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Crocs Backlash – Banned From Hospitals, Accidents On Escalators

Crocs are of course the ubiquitous rubber clog that seem to be in every mall in the country and do seem to be on everyone’s feet in starbucks. As with many super popular trends there are often detractors, often counter culture-ists who like to ridicule the fashion/trend victims who are following the trend. falls [...]

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Uncommon Uses – Twitter: Product Announcements – Google Analytics

Jeffrey Veen mentioned earlier on Twitter that he was making a big announcement at the Emetrics summit, and there it is, Google has redesigned Analytics, here’s a good little video intro to it and a great write up on the app here. Jeffrey went to google when they purchased Measure Maps from Adaptive Path, the [...]

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Ben, The 8 Year Old Real Guitar Hero –

There’s been lots of talk on the interwebs about Ben, the 8 year old who totally nailed a Guitar Hero song on hard mode without missing a note. Jeremy at Livedigitally suggested that the game developer should hire Ben to use him in their marketing campaigns, which I totally agree with, except he’s already marketing [...]

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