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Advertising Helps Me Decide T-Shirt

Loved this t-shirt that Vintage Vantage mailed me, thought it was quite appropriate to cross post. Originally posted on

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When Can An Advertisment Use The Term “masturbate”

I must admit is one of my favorite and most useful social networking sites ever. Myspace, twitter, pownce, facebook often seem like little more than voyeuristic, navel gazing, echo chambers and don’t actually create anything of lasting value and would be easily replaced if they disappeared tomorrow. Yelp on the other hand is co-creating [...]

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The 12 Types of Ads

the demo – “stain remover” show the problem – “i’ve fallen and I can’t get up” symbolize the problem – cold symptoms turn person into ogre symbolize the benefit – laxative and old faithful comparison – sh exemplary story – the vw crashing ad benefit causes story – Axe effect testimonial – real people losing [...]

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ChoreWars – Massive Multiplayer Housework

ChoreWars is an interesting service that uses the XP (experience point) concept that drives MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like world of warcraft, and is turning it to housework, or other unpleasant tasks. On the site you can form a create a character, form a party, and assign various tasks to characters who [...]

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Nokia Aquires Social Media Site Twango – (think flickr + youtube + podshow + xdrive)

Well the interweb was buzzing last night with the news that Nokia has acquired a social media sharing site Twango, which is a “multi media” sharing site that can handle 101+ file types from video, pictures, mp3′s etc. i’ve set up an account there to try out and it looks pretty interesting, one thing i [...]

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Ad Age “aquires” Top Marketing Blogs List – The Power 150

Now Toddands Power 150 is going to not only be hosted at Ad Age, but they will be taking over management and growth of it using Todd’s “multi metric” methodology. This is pretty amazing news for anyone on the top 150 (i’m hanging on at 126 somewhere), as Ad Age will i’m sure be promoting [...]

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Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work

Well i’m heading out for a couple of days and will be offline, i’m going to Laguna Seca in Monterey to watch the Moto GP (motorcycle racing). Anyway I had to post this t-shirt before I left – Viral Marketing Doesn’t Work – Tell Everyone You know – brilliant and ironic, not sure if it’s [...]

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Wow, i’m being researched

Arun Rajagopal has been researching the authors of the Age of Conversation, and he’s doing a bang up job. It’s really interesting to see all the things these authors are doing and have done. He’s working his way through writing a more detailed profile of each of the 104 authors and I only found it [...]

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Will It Blend – iPhone (will someone please get this man an N95)

So strange to wish that this man would blend something of mine Actually the point of this post is to marvel at the longevity of the idea behind the Blend Tec line of videos. They started over a year ago blending unlikely things like garden rakes, marbles etc. But now they’ve realized they can continue [...]

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Why Are People Funnier Than Companies

When was the last time you got something in your mail box from a friend saying that you have to see a viral video or web site because it was so funny or brilliant or shocking, and it turned out it was actually from a company? Only a couple come to mind for me tea [...]

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