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Can Bloggers Save Technorati Meme?

Yes I’ve bitched about Technorati, but as with most customer complaints it’s because I care, I want them to do better. Kind of like the report card I used to get at school “karl could do much better if he just applied himself”, I feel the same way about Technorati. After writing my article about [...]

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What’s a Blog?

Whatever you want it to be.

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Gmail as the Universal ID

Both Jeremiah and Dave Winer have proposed that Facebook could potentially become the universal ID system on the web, as opposed to the open source OpenID system, which is being adopted very slowly. When I just came across this new feature on twitter that enabled me to search my gmail inbox for contacts that might [...]

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Technorati – Why Crossing The Chasm Is Not Always a Good Idea

Courtesy of Laughing Squid A week or so ago there were some announcements that Technorati CEO Dave Sifry had resigned and they had laid off about 8 people. I think I mentioned at that time that I would want to comment more on this later, and that’s because i’m pissed off that Technorati, a service [...]

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Forrester Hires Leading Web Strategy Blogger

Forrester Research have just added another strong player to their social media practice with the hiring of notable web strategist blogger Jeremiah Owyang. Jeremiah announced this today on twitter and followed up with a blog post. This is a great example of how Forrester is really embracing the power of blogging and bloggers, and knowing [...]

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McKinsey Agrees With Me On User Generated Content – Motivation

When it comes to user generated content in social networks, video sites, blogs, wiki’s podcasts etc. I have often made the comment that motivation is probably the most important, and least understood aspect of the whole social media phenomenon. Often sites roll out features to try and keep up with the 2.0 Joneses without looking [...]

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The Other Side Of Lifestreaming

The term Lifestreaming has been popping up a hell of a lot, and last week for me it seemed to come to a crescendo with Steve Rubel twittering about it pointing to a dedicated blog on the topic, to David Armano’s recent post about it. The idea behind lifestreaming is fairly simple, it’s really a [...]

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Wither MSM as Blogger Perez Hilton Breaks Castro Dead Story

UPDATE: Perez Hilton’s site is not following up on this story at all which in all likelyhood means it’s not true. Boy, if you can’t trust a gossip blogger who can you trust! Just heard via twitter that Castro is dead, not only that but Perez Hilton, famed hollywood gossip blogger broke the story. This [...]

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Anonymous Edits To Wikipedia Revealed Through Wikiscanner

I read a great article in the SF Bay Guardian written by Annalee Newitz who blogs at (awesome name). Anyway, the article is called And the real anonymous trolls online are . . . . In this article she skewers the very un-anonymous troll Andrew Keen, who’s been crying about how the internets is [...]

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What is design

When I did my MBA I specialized in “Design Management”, this is sometimes a fact I leave off in casual conversation because I get the inevitable question, “design management, what does that mean?” Well I often mumble something about design being a strategic resource etc. but I’ve never really developed a good explanation. The word [...]

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