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What is the GNP of Myspace – Social Networks as Nations

How we value social networks is obviously in it’s infancy but as social networks and metaverses like SecondLife start to approach the size and scale of towns, cities and countries surely we need to think about how they are valued. Recent reports focus on primarily size (population), and growth (population growth), which when put in [...]

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5000 Web Applications In 333 Seconds

Great little viral ad created by a company called SimpleSpark, which is an online directory of “web applications”. The video itself is simple, 5000 logos of web applications that they track in their directory, which demonstrates the problem that they are solving immediately. Not only do they track these applications in a directory they also [...]

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Social Gestures, Objects, and Equity

Hugh over at gapingvoid raises the interesting point that even though the market for companies to create and deliver one way “messages” is dissapearing, demand for PR, marketing, and advertising professionals is growing. The question is now that we don’t control the “message” what are we doing? To quote Hugh: 1. Problem: Post-Cluetrain Reality- There [...]

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Wal-Mart to deliver DRM free Music

They must have heard my plea yesterday because today Wal-Mart announced it will be selling Universal and EMI music DRM free. In some ways it seems like this is a move by both Wal-Mart and the labels to try and wrestle away the stranglehold that iTunes has over the DL music marketplace. $0.94 DRM-free, 256-kbps [...]

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Tweaking The Music Business Model So People Get Paid

Companies often have great successes by tweaking business models. Tweaking a business model is sometimes about redistributing a bit of the work, that changes your cost structure, and changes how you compete. Ikea tweaked the furniture business model by employing their customers as logistics and delivery people. South West tweaked it’s business model by not [...]

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DRM Has Got Me Stuck In The Middle

When the iTunes store came out I started buying all my music through it, everything seemed to work, and all my devices played my songs. I was happy. Then I found a little tool that enabled me to view, navigate and control all my iTunes music through my xbox 360 from my Mac, playing through [...]

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The ExperienceCurve Social Media Top Ten

Bryan Person just recently started an interesting meme called the “social media top ten” on his blog, basically the top ten stories around social media this week. In addition to posting the list himself he also proposed other people create their own “social media top ten”, post it on their blogs and tag it with [...]

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Extending The Monster Brand Through Blogger Outreach

About a month ago I went to a blogger event that was laid on by Monster Cable the guys that make those expensive video and audio cables. The event was organized by Jeremy Toeman’s new consultancy Stage Two Consulting, and was particularly interesting in the fact that it was only for bloggers, and it wasn’t [...]

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Personal Sponsorship to do Cool Stuff – The Adventure Cub Project

Paul is a friend of mine and works at Nokia, and I’ve often accused him of some outrageous boondoggles, but this has got to be the best one yet. Basically Paul is going to fly his 1941 J3 Cub from Paris Texas, to Sonoma California, about 2200 miles. Flying 2200 miles sound easy right? Well [...]

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More Pownce Invites

I’ve got 6 more pownce invites so drop me a line if you want one. I currently use Twitter and Pownce so feel free to add me on either. On a side note i’m really looking forward to this twitter wordpress plugin, the feature list looks amazing.

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