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Blog Scholarship of $10,000 for student blogger

Damn, you’ve got to be a full time student I could have used that to cover my student loans. The Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation is giving away $10,000 to a blogger this year. Full scholarship details are available here: This 2nd Annual Blogging Scholarship offers a large prize of $10,000, which will be awarded [...]

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Apple Battling Customers

The latest furor around the iPhone is that some people who have “hacked” their iPhones are now left with “bricks” or non functioning iPhones due to a recent software update. The problem is of course not that the iPhone is bad, or Apple is bad, or that the customers are bad, but it is putting [...]

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Firebrand – Extremely Ambitious Advertising as Content Destination

If there was a techmeme for marketing Firebrand would be the most talked about story for sure. Even technorati which famously lumps every blog in the world in the same category is listing Firebrand in it’s top ten searched terms. With Rohit, Jaffe (Firebrand is a client of Jaffe’s Crayon), and Steve Hall weighing in [...]

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An Evening With Nokia (S60) – San Francisco, Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Come and join us at the Element Lounge in San Francisco, Tuesday, Oct 23rd for an evening organized by the Nokia S60 team, for the uninitiated S60 is the operating system for the Nokia smart phones. Anyway, point being if your interested in some mobile, gadgets, the web, and want to play with some of [...]

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Amazon to sell 2,000,000 DRM free MP3

Suffice to say, Hallelujah, i’ve pissed and moaned about my crippled iTunes music for long enough, this is a game changer with some caveats. If it is super easy to use, easy to understand where my media is, and is not too expensive. With amazons experience so far with ecommerce and even digital distribution this [...]

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This Young Adults Panel Should Terrify Marketers

A panel of young adults moderated by Guy Kawasaki which should be very interesting to marketers and anyone in the mobile business. Conclusions and insights from this should obviously be taken with a pinch of salt as this is a pretty homogeneous group, but some of the answers to Guy’s questions were stunning to me, [...]

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Experience Matters – New Blog From Critical Mass

Looks like a good blog to add to your feed if you’re interested in customer experience, design, and marketing. Couple of contributers I know well like David Armano of Logic+Emotion and Scott Weisbrod of Experience Planner. Looks like their blog is only a month old at this point, one to watch IMHO.

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ODG – Original Design Gangsta

Great little bit of self promotion via youtube for Kyle T Watkins, graphic designer, illustrator and ODG. A great example of a viral video on a small budget but with a clear business aim. Interestingly it seems that Kyle has started a little side business selling the mp3 of the song for 99c and selling [...]

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Conclusive Proof: Facebook is Mainstream

I have incontrovertible proof that Facebook is more mainstream than any other social network. That proof is that I got friend requests from my Mum and Dad who both have profiles…. that i didn’t set up for them. I rest my case.

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13 Giga Pixel Photograph of Harlem

File this under great wonders of the internet, a 13 gigapixel photograph of Harlem. In the top left of this photo is the entire panorama, and the tiny red square is the area i’m zoomed in on. and a bit about the project: BTW 13 Gigapixels means 13 Billion pixels, whereas regular cameras are measured [...]

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