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The Experience Is The Product

Peter Merholz of Adaptive Path has just posted a presentation on the topic “The Experience Is The Product” on slideshare, even better he has synced the recording of him presenting this in the UK. In this presentation Peter does a great job of explaining that the experience is everything, it’s the branding, it’s the marketing, [...]

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We Didn’t Start The Viral – Commercial Successes

We Didnt Start The Viral – Watch more free videos Todd linked to this excellent viral homage to some of the notable viral videos of the last few years. Believe me they list a hell of a lot, but what I found interesting was the number of deliberate commercial “virals” for want of a better [...]

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California College of Arts – MBA in Design Strategy

This is very exciting news, the CCA is launching a new program, an MBA in Design Strategy. This is another Big D MBA, which are of course few and far between, I have a pretty rare MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster in the UK. Stanford of course has been promoting it’s [...]

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Guinness has hidden an ad online

Guinness has added a little twist to its latest advertising campaign and have hidden it online somewhere for someone to find. In good old ARG (alternate reality game) tradition they have started this game off with a couple of clues, in this case a fictional Mayor called Juan Ramon has put a video on youtube [...]

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Radiohead update, set your own price experiment sells 1.2 Million albums at $8 each

So in the first week Radiohead’s album, In Rainbows, which they allowed customer to set their own prices sells 1.2 million downloads and gets an average of $8 each. Next time I’ll just ask them to up the bitrate a little bit. Funny to think of this in co-creation terms but guess what, it is. [...]

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Facebook vs. the Web

Eric Schonfeld at TechCrunch recently wrote about a presentation given at the Web2.0 summit by Jeff Huber, Google’s vice president of engineering, the upshot being “the web is the platform” A lot that you have heard here is about platforms and who is going to win. That is Paleolithic thinking. The Web has already won. [...]

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Three Traits of Successful Blogs – Focus, Passion, and Originality

Someone on LinkedIn just posed this question “How can one make Blogs more enjoyable or What is that you do to maintain the popularity/readership of your blog?“. Here are my thoughts on this, this may not be all that leads to a successful blog, but these are for me pretty essential ingredients: Focus, Passion, and [...]

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Poptech – The Conference That Is Out 2.0′ing the Web 2.0 Summit

While the Web 2.0 Summit is going on another conference is going on called PopTech, think of it as a bit more of a liberal Arts conference as opposed to the tech driven Web 2.0 summit. Interestingly though Poptech is being a bit more web 2.0 about their conference and broadcasting the whole thing live [...]

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Nokia Evolving The User Interface With Touch Screens and Haptics

Techmeme picked this up today, apparently Nokia has announced an update to its S60 (the operating system in Nokia smart phones) that introduces various UI enhancements including of course the touch screen. Well ok who didn’t see that coming, but what I find very interesting is the inclusion of a thing called “haptics” or actual [...]

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Learn The Internets with Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing

Link to video Your first 3 emails are included free, LOL. via

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