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Cherry Chocolate Rain

Tay Zonday of the original Chocolate Rain has done such a brilliant job of selling out here with Cherry Dr Pepper with his new song “cherry chocolate rain”. This is in many ways the new celebrity endorsement ad, and quite a good strategy, but requires companies or agencies to keep their fingers on the pulse [...]

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The Virgin America Safety Video… Really, it’s worth watching

Update: in the week since I wrote about this about 30,000 people have watched the video, that is 30k people voluntarily watched an AIRLINE SAFETY VIDEO! Wow. I wrote about my Virgin America experience a couple of weeks ago and the one thing I searched for was the safety video, but I couldn’t find it [...]

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Facebook jumps the shark

and of course Cory Doctorow in an Information Week article: Columnist Cory Doctorow describes how Facebook and other social networks have built-in self-destructs: They make it easy for you to be found by the people you’re looking to avoid. It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but inevitably Facebook will experience a [...]

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What is Web Design?

I’ve thought for many years that web design emerged from an awkward pairing of software design and print/magazine design. Practitioners have certainly moved it along but it still boggles my mind how badly some agencies screw up web design, and how some “award winning” designs fail in so many real world ways. Anyway, I don’t [...]

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Procrastination Flow Chart

I made an effort this weekend to sort out my apartment, reorganizing closets, going through paperwork etc. Then I came across a couple of unopened boxes which I new contained a couple of “productivity books”. The first book was Dave Allen’s book Getting Things Done and the other was The Now Habit. After opening [...]

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What is Web 2.0 Video from Nokia

I think this is quite a fun little video that someone at Nokia has created, and as they say web 2.0 is about connecting people as it always has been. Found this via TechCrunch and Arrington thinks it’s ‘aght.

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1 out of 56 isn’t bad – Blogger Surveys Verizon Data Rate Quotes called up Verizon 56 times to ask two questions about their data rates and recorded the conversations. Only 1 out of 56 reps got both questions right.

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Web 2.0 Strategy – Advertising Will Not Set Us Free

It still boggles my mind how many startups think that advertising is the monetization vehicle of choice. Didn’t we already do that during web 1.0, eyeballs are not the be all and end all. IBM just completed a survey called “the end of advertising“, and in it Read/Write web reports that 11% of users say [...]

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Guinness ARG Reveals Most Expensive Guinness Commercial Ever

I had written previously that Guiness had hidden an ad online that people could find by picking up clues from various online videos. Well this is the commercial that everyone was looking for and it’s a fun ad for sure, by the same director that did the Bravia Balls commercial. I’m sure it cost Guiness [...]

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The Product Is The Experience 2 – Virgin America

Well I just got back from a weekend in Las Vegas and after 4 days there I have a much deeper understanding of the fear and loathing aspect of it. Believe it or not one of the high points of the trip was the flight on Virgin America, who just blew away all my expectations [...]

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