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JibJab 2007 Year In Review and Seasons Greetings

Hilarious Photos at JibJab | Political Satire at JibJab | Hilarious Stuff at JibJab Well I’m just getting ready to leave for the airport, I have a midnight flight to Taipei and then on to Vietnam for a motorcycle tour through the northwest mountains. I don’t think i’ll be blogging much but i’ll try and [...]

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First Facebook Virus?

Just got this message purportedly from Mark Zuckerberg via my “fun wall” on facebook asking me to forward it on to my friends to make sure I’m still an “active member”, with the idea that they will start “deleting” inactive members. Sure this is totally false, but it just shows how a social tool like [...]

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Trying Sometimes Cheaper Than Deciding – New Strategies

T-shirt All Tied Up From Full Bleed via tcritic Having read this on a post at LinuxWorld it got me thinking: Google is one of the few large companies that gets one fundamental rule of the Internet: Trying stuff is cheaper than deciding whether to try it. (Compare the cost of paying and feeding someone [...]

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NPD Report 63% of Americans Playing Video Games

According to a new NPD Report video games are becoming and increasingly mainstream activity with a reported 63% of Americans playing video games, and 30% of them playing them more than last year. It’s rather amusing in many ways that “video games” essentially got hijacked by teenaged boys (both figuratively and literally) for the last [...]

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Digital Agencies vs. Ad Agencies

In response to the Ad Age article To Lead Overall Brand Strategy, Digital Shops Have Much to Do David Armano has posted on the Critical Mass blog the 10 things he thinks Digital Agencies have to get better at, he calls it a moment of truth for digital agencies. It’s worth reading and chewing on.

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Technorati to focus on core customers, Bloggers

Hallelujah, Tech Crunch just reported that Technorati has made some drastic design changes and is commiting to support their core customers, ie. the blogger themselves. For the moment I don’t see very much evidence of real tools or support for bloggers but it is early days. Last week I saw a demo of the new [...]

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bubble 2.0 video

LOL, is it me or is this guy taking some swipes at scoble: “blogging even if your wrong” when scoble was talking about search and then the closing classic picture of scoble leaving the apple store in triumph with the iPhone? Is there a bubble, absolutely, but as with all bubbles there are some companies [...]

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