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What do you do during commercials? 95% not watching

Just read this over at JaffeJuice and Joseph extrapolates that the chance basically only 5% of people with the TV on are actually paying attention to advertisements. Wow, I thought it was only half of advertising that was wasted, we just didn’t know which half 41.2% are channel surfing, 33.5% talking to others (in the [...]

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Nailing First Experience

I found some stunning figures on the web site regarding Ecommerce, seriously, I always knew the internet was going to be big, but these numbers are mind-boggling. More than 85% of the world’s online population has used the internet to make a purchase – increasing the market for online shopping by 40% in the [...]

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Death Of The Influencials – Debunking The Tipping Point

When I first saw the link on twitter

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Need to learn about search engines –

Even when a customer is canceling an account it is an opportunity to engage in a positive way, even if it is just making it easy for them to cancel. This is in stark contrast to a lot of “retention” strategies that are designed to keep you on the phone, and pressure you into renewing [...]

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Concious Capitalism – Upcoming Panel at the Commonwealth Club SF

I’m really looking forward to this panel next week at the Commonwealth Club, it’s called Conscious Capitalism and it is covering topics that I often find myself thinking about and discussing. There must be something in the air as even Bill Gates recently called for kinder capitalism. The panel is next wednesday (january 30th), it’ll [...]

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Found this video on Jonnie Moore’s always thought provoking blog. It’s a collaboration of 200 students in an anthropology class that looks at the defining characteristics of students today. It certainly seemed bleak in many ways, and illustrated how the modern school system of lecture halls and chalkboards were antiquated, but what surprised me is [...]

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Be Kind Rewind – Sweded is the new Mashup

Just saw the new Jack Black/Mos Def movie “Be Kind, Rewind” last night and I loved it, the director also did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and this movie had a similar quirky quality. Apart from being a very funny movie, it had a wonderfully positive message about creativity, that creativity doesn’t have to [...]

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Web Standards for Mobile – Beyond iPhone

I’ve been an avid Mac user for many years, since about 1996, and actually that’s when I started working on the web. Needless to say i’ve been at the sharp end of peoples decisions as to “what platform to develop for”. When IE and windows were the dominant web platform numerous useful services were blocked [...]

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a Qik experiment, live video from my phone

I’m going to broadcast some live video from my N95 in a minute using a tool called Qik, the video also has a chat window. Not sure how compelling the content will be, just a quick experiment. UPDATE: I’m not sure it ended up showing on the blog, but it was working on my Qik [...]

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Want to know more about Net Neutrality? SF Law School January 26th, 2008

A friend of mine at the San Francisco Law school just let me know about a symposium the law school is holding on Net Neutrality. This full day only costs $50 (unless you want credit in which case it’s $100) and will probably give you a more in depth understanding of this polarizing issue. I [...]

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