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Bay CHI Focus on Social Software

The April Bay CHI (Computer Human Interaction) group meeting looks fascinating this month. I wrote about Amy Jo Kim’s “putting the fun in functional – Game Mechanics in Social Software” before on experiencecurve here and am really interested in seeing it presented. There is also a dinner planned before the meeting starting at 5.30. B [...]

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Advertising vs. Reality

German web site has done a case study of 100 product and package shots of packaged food and compared it to the reality of what is inside the package. Great stuff, we need a US version of this because even the product shot of herring bits in sauce looked nasty Funtasticus has grabbed a [...]

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Vintage Ad Competition at

A couple of great fake vintage ads from the fake vintage ad contest. Thanks Abi from

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Any Surprise That Advertising Has Lost Credibility Over The Years

Sure it’s an old advertisement from the era that had Doctors endorsing cigarettes, but this kind of misleading information is still rife all kinds of outbound communication from ads to packaging. From telling me that a packet of chips (crisps) has two serving sizes, to saying 0% fat and then loading up with sugar or [...]

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Post It Note Typeface

A genius typeface made out of Post It Notes, I wonder if 3M would have to get a cut of this if it ended up as a font Via Ffffound

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Apple, google and everyone else – Who owns the customer experience?

It’s funny, I would suggest that Apple and Google probably have very different design processes and certainly a very different culture so what is the common denominator? I think it could well be that they both have very influential people at the executive level in the organization that is focused and passionate about the design [...]

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Social Media Biggest Shift In Marketing Strategy Since Television?

Hyperbole? I don’t think so. I believe that social media is reshaping the business landscape and is changing, or requiring change from every aspect of the business, from business strategy, to product development, to marketing, to human resources (hey, even Microsoft is taking notice see this FT article “A revolution is taking shape”). The [...]

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How Lego Caught The Cluetrain Presentation by Jake McKee

This video presentation by Jake McKee is a fantastic case study for anyone interested in trying to empower a company to participate in social media/web2.0. Jake lived and breathed it there, and now has his own social media consultancy called the Ants Eye View. Thanks for sharing this Jake. I’ve pulled out a couple of [...]

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Food Fight – History of War Told Through Food

This video is so extraordinary and strange, it essentially acts out the history of wars (from an American perspective) from WWII onward using the various foods associated with the warring nations. This kind of short form, bite sized entertainment is so ideal on the internet, and even via mobile it makes me wonder what kind [...]

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