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Social Media and Gutenberg – Hyperbole?

I just got quoted in the Marin Independent Journal from a panel I was on this week. The quote they chose to use was: “The move toward social media is as big a change as Gutenberg and the printing press,” said Karl Long, a product manager at Nokia. “Social media is the ability for anyone [...]

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Is google shutting down email accounts if they suspect hijacking?

I just got a very worrying phone call from my Dad today about his Gmail account which he’s had for several years. Essentially he tried to log into the account and it said his password was incorrect, so he went through the various processes to try and get it reset, unfortunately he didn’t have a [...]

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Business Social Media – How B2B companies and business professionals can tap into Social Media DATE : April 23, 2008 – 6:30 PM

I’m going to be part of a panel discussion hosted by Softech on April 23rd on how B2B and Business professionals can tap into and leverage social media. Should be a great discussion and for my part here’s what I hope to be able to elaborate on: Social Media provides a multitude of ways to [...]

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Stop Motion Block Breaker Game

Nokia has put together a quite ambitious stop motion video involving a cast of thousands, which included a very cool stop motion block breaker game using people as the gaming pieces. I’ve seen plenty of stop motion games reenacted, like the famous space invaders in the theater but I think this is the actual game [...]

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Happy Belated Birthday Internet

Apparently April 7th 1969 is a contender for the birth of the internet, who new it was so old. Here’s a pretty funny video from Canadian CBC news, not sure when this was broadcast but it is pretty damn funny. Via Another wonderful throwback news story is this Newsweek piece from 1995 called “The Internet? [...]

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New Book – Personality Not Included – and Party In SF

Rohit Bhargava, blogger at the Influential Marketing Blog and leader of the interactive marketing team at Ogilvy Public Relations has written a new book called “Personality Not Incuded -Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Brands Get it Back“. I think the topic of the book is a very interesting one that relates to [...]

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The Department Of Internet Money

All of your favorite internet stars including Chocolate Rain guy (Tay Zonday), Star Wars Kid, Laughing baby, Sneezing Panda, Tron guy, Numa Numa, and Chris Cocker (Leave Britney Alone), and possibly LonelyGirl15 in the background. Via Fimoculous

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