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Social Media In Plain English from Common Craft

This is a beautifully put together description of Social Media. Interestingly Common Craft have also added a store so you can buy a higher quality version of the video that is licensed for use in the workplace.

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Dealmaker Media – Under The Radar Social Media and Entertainment Conference – June 3rd, get $100 off

Dealmaker Media have an upcoming Under The Radar event that aims to connect emerging innovative companies with VC’s and larger companies. You can register here and get $100 off. I went to the last one of these and met some really great people like Pete Cashmore from Mashable, Ted Rheingold founder of Dogster, some folks [...]

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istwitterdown is down

Sorry, I have no where else to write this joke, but twitter was down, so I checked and it was down. The interweb is borked.

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Brand Tags – Crowdsourcing Brand Perceptions

My good blogging friend and burrito fiend Noah Brier has created and interesting tool called Brand Tags. Essentially visitors to the site are shown a page with a brand on it and asked to tag it with the first word that comes to mind. Brand Tags then shows “tag clouds” with all the words people [...]

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Social Capital and The Whuffie Factor

Interesting video/interview with the Threadless founders. Tara (blogger at HorsePigCow) put the video together and has written a book recently called the Whuffie Factor about businesses that are succeeding by leveraging web2.0/social media and of course the community. Threadless is probably one of the best examples of a community driven company. The book that will [...]

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