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Goatse Error Page at

I just signed up for another location based micro-blogging/micro-media/social-media site at (similar to and quickly discovered they have a very unique error page. (click on img for full size) Wow!

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Creative Commons Case Study Database

I think many of us intuitively know how important Creative Commons is in supporting the co-creativity, like mashups and many kinds of consumer generated content. Now we don’t have to rely on our intuition and Creative Commons have created a database of case studies of it’s use around the world. Creative Commons projects are found [...]

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The Power Point That Made Me Cry (because I was happy)

| View | Upload your own Your mileage may vary but some of the themes in this slideshow “happiness as your business model” resonate so deeply with me it literally brought tears to my eyes. In the deck Tara (author of HorsePigCow and founder of Citizen Agency) connects so succinctly Maslows hierarchy of needs and [...]

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Designing for mobile people not mobile devices

“we must focus on mobile people, not mobile devices. In other words, we are not merely shrinking in size a Web experience, but creating an entirely new platform for communication and interaction.” Nadav Savio, now a user experience designer at Google (GOOG), and mobile usage expert Jared Braiterman, founder of Jared Research, wrote in a [...]

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Rename Wolf Blitzer on is an interesting collaborative crowdsourcing decision making platform. They seem to position themselves as a sort of collaborative ideation/innovation platform. It seems that their main marketing strategy is to launch interesting services on it’s platform and the most recent one is called Name This, the main idea being that for $99 companies/entrepreneurs can post [...]

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Ripping Marketing A New One and New Marketing Blog

Well that is Bill Hicks ripping marketing a new one, heard about this via Johnnie Moore’s weblog where he also mention he’s starting a new collaborative blog. The the new blog is called Marketing 2.0 in which some very respectable marketing bloggers are getting together to post on how marketing is changing. I rather like [...]

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Podcast Workflow on My N95

So one of the things I genuinely love and couldn’t live without now on my N95 is the podcasting application (it’s actually a podcatcher, but lets not go there). What I love is that it aggregates the podcasts i like and can update them over wifi, this means I always have the latest episodes and [...]

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Plurk, twitter for teens?

Just heard of this new service called Plurk which is a similar “microblogging” service rather like Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku etc. According to Venture Beat it launched in January this year and seems to be targeting a more teenage demographic. asks the question “is Plurk another Twitter?” and in many ways it is, it’s a [...]

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