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An anthropological introduction to YouTube presented to the Library of Congress June 23rd

This is a wonderful video presentation on YouTube that focuses the anthropology, the behavior, and the culture that YouTube is enabling. This is a wonderful video from an educational standpoint and I plan to use it in the upcoming course on social media I will be teaching in the fall at the Academy of Arts [...]

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Try Something New, PSFK Conference In San Francisco July 17th

If you are tired Bay Area conferences where you hear the same old cheerleaders in what has become an increasingly incestuous web 2.0 echo chamber you need to check out the PSFK conference in San Francisco next week. This is sure to be a very creative and inspiring conference with great people from creative and [...]

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Amazing Dancing Liquid Video

The liquid on top of a metal tray on top of a booming sub-woofer produces some memorizing effects that look supernatural. The liquid is a mixture of water and cornstarch at about a 1:6 ratio, start with the cornstarch, add water slowly, it’s a substance that feels ‘hard’, pours like liquid.

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Engagement vs. Popularity Metrics in Blogs

Lots of people have been talking about the right metrics for blogs and other kinds of social media for a couple of years now. It is in fact a desperate need in the blogging community because apart from the obvious ego-surfing, feedback and benchmarkeing is absolutely critical to managing and growing a blog. Also for [...]

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Users Improving Products – Attaching an external mic to Nokia N95

I’ve often wondered how to add an external mic to my N95, as i think it would make a killer podcast recording device. Anyway, looks like someone figured it out and put an instructional video on Qik. I had a blog post brainstorm a while ago on what a “social media phone” would look like, [...]

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Leave Twitter Alone

Where is Chris Cocker when you need him, anyway, next time you are on the verge of another jibe at Twitters expense you should bare this in mind. We are the early adopters and some of us are also some of the heaviest users of twitter, some people have literally 10′s of thousands of followers. [...]

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