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Crowdsourced Corrections and Fact Checking for Social Media Authors

GooseGrade is an interesting new service that is launching tomorrow that puts the power of editing in the hands of the audience. These corrections can be anything from spelling errors (yeah, i’m installing it for that), to more importantly fact checking even. As readers correct things on your blog your “goose grade” score goes down, [...]

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How To Make A Viral Video

Funny as this is, it’s almost analogous to how lost some companies are in approaching social media. I love it when Ben Stiller is whispering to his cousin “let me in, what is it makes you tick”. Brilliant.

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Social Media: The Marketing Summit

Not sure why I have not heard about this yet, but this looks like a great conference. Social Media seems to have been a concept that is gaining a hell of a lot of traction in the last year or so as a term to describe the enormous disruption that the internet is bringing. The [...]

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You’re no one if you’re not on twitter and les misc

Twitter song by I hate mornings and via My poor blog has not been updated in a while, and yes I have been on twitter a lot and Plurk. I’ve also been working on my own line of T-shirts and here is my first design, it’s the Prez Dispenser Obama T-Shirt by a local artist [...]

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