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The Future of Business and Social Media

In this fascinating interview on Charlie Rose, Lawrence Lessig provides some interesting comments about “hybrid economies” where companies co-create value with their customers. As he says some companies, mostly new and small, are already adopting this hybrid economic model, but bigger companies in the future will be transformed by this. Most companies look at what [...]

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My Tweet Digest

There are a lot of interesting things happening on twitter, and amazing connections being made. I’m connecting with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, authors, producers and adventurers, when I started following Richard Branson he only had 400 followers and he followed me right back. The opportunity, as I see it, is to connect with people who inspire me, [...]

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Advice about Social Media for CEO/CMO and other Senior Executives

In the recent Marketing Vox report Marketers Still Face Steep Web 2.0 Learning Curve several quotes jumped out at me, indicating that companies are still very unclear about the value of social media. Quotes like: “Despite a lack of expertise, more than 67% report they will increase their Social Media advertising budget in 09″ “More [...]

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Think your conversion rates are bad, new study reveals spam converstion rate

We always knew that someone had to be clicking on penis enlargement emails and not only that, someone had to actually be buying that crap. It’s kind like late at night when you’re watching horrible infomercials that you think to yourself who the hell is buying this crap, well enough people to make it economically [...]

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Do You Have A Business Model? Advertising is Not A Business Model

First of all, what the hell is a business model anyway? As with many terms used in strategy and business it is often used in different ways and interpreted differently by different people. Lots of entrepreneurs and misguided bloggers will conflate advertising and business model, but this is a mistake. Advertising could be your “revenue [...]

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