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Advertisers are out of ideas or they don’t care about hulu

I’ve been using Hulu quite a lot recently due canceling cable (obviously I now get the benefit of reacting condescendingly to small talk about American Idol with “oh, I cancelled cable”, while still keeping up with the daily show . Anyway, I’ve been exposed to a few Hulu ads now and I’ve got so say [...]

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The Most Important Questions Twitter is Asking of it’s Data

Twitter shared a fascinating presentation with information on how they are handling analysis of it’s 100 Billion tweets. Much of the analysis is focused on numerous technical requirements but there are some really fascinating business requirements as well. Those requirements were related to not just the storage of the masses of data, but the analysis [...]

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My First Slidecast: Added Audio to Employing Your Customers for Fun and Profit or Design For Co-Creation

Employing Your Customers for Fun and Profit View more presentations from karl long. After the video of my presentation at Inverge 2 years ago has failed show up I have finally put an audio track on this presentation to provide a bit more context around my thinking and ideas. Amazingly, 2 years later the majority [...]

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Elements of Twitter Style: Attempts at Clear Communication and Attribution for People and Machines

one must first know the rules to break them This is a rather hyperbolic statement but Twitter is probably one of the most fascinating emergent communication and collaboration platforms since the advent of writing. Communication and collaboration on twitter is emergent, dynamic, and uniquely colored by the individual’s experience. Rather like writing in Shakespeare’s time [...]

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