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Why Are Social Networks Addictive and Compelling?

The short answer is operant conditioning and reward schedule. Essentially social networks provide a “fruit machine” type reward schedule that is very compelling. This video talks about operant conditioning in the context of games but there is a lot that can be applied when thinking about activity in social networks.

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Next Step for Organizations in Social is Leadership

In the current landscape lots of companies are listening to their communities, and some are participating but few are providing the leadership required to cultivate, nurture and shape that community over the long term. The “2010 Social Media Benchmarking Study” from Ketchum and FedEx documents that only 10% of companies are providing real leadership (by [...]

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Motorcycle Tour Movie – Vietnamese Breakdown

2 years ago 3 friends took a motorcycle tour around northern Vietnam. We drove from Hanoi taking a round trip, up near the Chinese border, on down to Halong Bay, and through a place they call charcoal town. On the trip we had two Nokia N95′s, an HD camcorder and a helmet camera. From the [...]

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How To Use Kickstarter for Community Driven Sites and Applications

I think there is a great opportunity to use Kickstarter for people that want to build community driven sites and applications. Building community sites are very easy technically, almost every successful community platform and app has dozens of open source clones. What is usually missing is a team of motivated people to work on making [...]

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Yelp Rolls Out CheckIn Service Combined With Offers

Yelp has just rolled out an enhancement to their checkin service that is focused on enabling businesses to offer deals to their loyal customers. Interestingly Yelp has announced this as an additional feature as a part of their business dashboard so local businesses can create deals and offers easily. This is a very smart move [...]

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Where Games and Marketing Collide

As someone who straddles the marketing world and the gaming world I’ve been struck by the convergence of goals between the industries and I think that marketers are likely to move boldly into creating games as a growing part of their mix. There has been experimentation with platforms like Foursquare and more recently with Facebook [...]

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Reinventing Funding: How Ideas & Consumers Are Driving Investments

UPDATE: Apparently they passed the $1 Million mark according to TechCrunch, amazing. Consumers are leading the way it seems in changing our culture of funding ideas. Recently an industrial design company called Minimal put a concept for an iPod Nano watch on Kickstarter with the aim of raising 15K to put their watch into production. [...]

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SCVNGR Location Based Game Platform

SCVNGR is an innovative location based game platform rather like Foursquare, you check in at different locations and you can unlock various rewards. The approach that SCVNGR is taking though is creating a platform that allows anyone to create games and challenges that could be associated with one location (challenges or rewards) or span multiple [...]

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How Marketers are Using Chatroullette

After posting previously about the opportunities that have spawned from Chatroulette I came across a post by Joseph Jaffe (another kindred spirit in the marketing wasteland) talking about how marketers and main stream brands are experimenting with Chatroulette. Jaffe also comments on how Chatroulette has a great deal of mindshare with the general public even [...]

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