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The Best Games You Might Not Be Playing

This 10 best games of the year video from Tested is probably is one of the best “best of 2010″ item that i’ve seen yet. In this they show several games that are amazing in how games are pushing the interactive envelope. Particularly interesting were Shoboya which reinvents stacking, to the potentially infinitely recursive Game [...]

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Multiplayer and Shared Learning Experience

With the recent success of so many multiplayer/social games and the emergence of the gamification of services it’s worth thinking about what makes multiplayer gaming so powerful. Games can be applied to anything and in many ways humans often make games where none existed just due to our amazing pattern recognizing abilities. Games and play [...]

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Are Early Adopters Temporary Ties?

I posted a tweet yesterday inspired by the recent Details article on early adopters that generated a fair amount of conversation which was: I then recently went through @padday’s presentation on social network design that provides some great examples of how relationships are scaled. In real life groups of friends are categorized in several different [...]

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Starting a Movement is Social Leadership

I wrote recently that about the next important step for organizations to learn on the social web is leadership. I had characterized it as cultural leadership inspired in many ways by Reed Hastings (the Netflix CEO) presentation on “Freedom and Responsibility in Culture” (my post on that Culture as Competitive Advantage). This idea of social [...]

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OpenFeint Launches Group Buying Model for Games

OpenFeint has just launched a Group Buying model for mobile games built on the back of their multiplayer infrastructure. It’s interesting how they have flown under the radar but have established a very valuable asset, a single sign on and points/leaderboard for a lot of iPhone games. It was started by a couple of incredibly [...]

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WordLens – Maybe The Most Useful Augmented Reality Application Yet

I’ve been enamored with Augmented Reality for a long time but this may be one of the most useful applications of it I’ve seen for consumers. Essentially word lens is an instant translator, you point the camera at some text and the camera shows the translated text. It’s simply brilliant and will no doubt become [...]

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The Market for Things and Ideas Not Being Talked About

Many people and organizations have identified “listening” to the chatter on social media as an enormous business opportunity. Listening to customers, voice of the customer, sentiment analysis and even semantic technologies designed to understand the meaning in what people are saying. With the proliferation of tools that enable people to express themselves is creating an [...]

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Become Part of The Twitter Metagame

I’m working with a small group in the process of developing a multiplayer metagame that runs on top of the activity on twitter. It’s easy to be part of the game and in fact many people will be playing it without even knowing. If you’d like to be part of the early tests or are [...]

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Social Product Management

Product management is a very important discipline in a lot of technology companies, they are the glue between business strategy and the engineering team. In many organizations they are also closest to the customers and help strike a balance between demand for features and profitability to the business. In really good organizations product management decentralizes [...]

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Game Mechanics and Social Game Mechanics

There is a great deal of conversation in the business and startup world about Game Mechanics and applying them to various business and creative endeavors. Game mechanics have been part of the internet for a long time and the use of them in social networks has been well documented by Amy Jo Kim in her [...]

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