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Angry Birds: 2010 best serious game award!

A frequent issue with serious games (games not designed with the sole intent of entertaining) is their failing at being fun. Angry Birds, that one wouldn’t think of as a serious game, successfully meets both challenges of being engaging and educational. The empirical method Do you remember your high-school mechanics: forces, acceleration, parabolas, center of [...]

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Is putting a blog behind a pay wall a good idea?

I’m planning to put my content behind a paywall soon and was interested in getting some feedback. I’ve been posting since 2003 and over the years the motivation to participate has wained. I’ve found that posting original content online has risks associated with it both professionally and personally which no advertising model could support. Also [...]

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Narratives in games: the recipes of Alex Kennedy creator of Echo Bazaar

Attending the Playful conference in London last in september 2010 I had the chance to meet with Alexis Kennedy, founder of Failbetter Games, the editor of Echo Bazaar, a text game that has received much critical acclaim. He had very enlighting thoughts about how to articulate games and narratives. To start with here is a [...]

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Why did Zynga Buy Flock

I was surprised to see the news that Zynga bought the social web browser Flock but it makes a lot of sense. I had previously thought that Zynga was so big that it might want to buy facebook, I obviously lacked their imagination as they have moved up the foodchain into the lofty realm of [...]

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