AdTech Keynote – Is Content King Again?

Interesting keynote/roundtable at AdTech this morning asking the question is content king again? Panlists include Suzie Reider, Head of Advertising for YouTube, Jason Hirschhorn, president Sling Media Group, Kourosh Karimkhany, General Manager Wired Digital, Caroline H. Little CEO and Publisher, and Newsweek Interactive.

Suzie is really getting put on the spot about how they are going to enable advertisements, she’s talking about pre-roll intro and post roll ads, but she says they are experimenting right now. I think the whole pre/post roll debate represents a pretty unimaginative approach to advertising. Not sure why they can’t create a flash player template that includes some kind of advertising that’s integrated. Something like the bottom third they use in sports broadcasting. I think the most important question is how to make the advertising more relevant, video clips on youtube have lots of meta data that they should be taking advantage of. Even better, if a flash player can be smart enough to know what kind of site it’s embedded on could help drive what ads get shown.

Ooooh, Suzie says they are not trying to replicate TV advertising, she doesn’t want to create 30 second spots, they want better creative, better experience. She thinks we can get better metrics, better data, and better experience. Wow, she says look where tv commercials got us with users skipping commercials on dvr’s, you go girl. This was in response to someone stating that online video advertising is a drop in the bucket compared to television advertising.

Another question from the audience “what about people stealing my content”, Jason from sling media instead of trying to chase people down and be so combative, you should try and take advantage of these fans that cut up clips of tv shows and put them online.

Another question from the audience “does anyone else get confused when there are too many reviews”.

Hmmm, Suzie points out yelp as a great example of where hundreds of reviews are taken and presented in a more useful way. I’m kind of liking the way Suzie thinks.

Lot of conversation about disruption, user generated content, conversations and how “big media” needs to participate in these conversations. Caroline is taking issue with the ganging up on “big media”, says they are getting involved in the conversation, slowly.

Is content king? is conversation king? is the content enabling the conversation?

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