Become Part of The Twitter Metagame

I’m working with a small group in the process of developing a multiplayer metagame that runs on top of the activity on twitter. It’s easy to be part of the game and in fact many people will be playing it without even knowing. If you’d like to be part of the early tests or are even interested in collaborating on an aspect of the game specific for your organization please leave a comment or just follow @future games on twitter.

I’m particularly interested in talking to twitter users and startups using twitter as their platform because I think there are emerging games and social norms on twitter that can become part of the game.

Part of the design will be the ability to create your own “levels” and also participate in shaping the game through participation. I will be posting some example games in the near future. Needless to the primary goal is to create really fun games and I am already talking to some leaders in the gaming space with the aim to create fun, deep, compelling and meaningful game experiences.

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